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Boys 2021 HS Club Rankings Week 11

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Boys 2021 HS Club Rankings Week 11

Genesis keeps knocking on the door. Daliny Jones photo.

With Charlotte frustratingly idle this weekend we might have seen a new #1; what we would have needed then was for Genesis or West Valley to roll over the other in the same way Herriman rolled over Olympus in the Utah School final.

They didn't; it was, as expected, close. In the end, it's not enough, yet, for Genesis to unseat Charlotte. But both teams are going to Nationals in Kansas City so maybe we'll find out then.

Royal Irish didn't play and Aspetuck lost, so Woodlands moved up a notch and so did Thunder, which hasn't lost yet. Fort Hunt jumps up after another excellent showing and also after Xavier HS (NY) won big, thus saying more about Fort Hunt's win over Xavier a week before.

We also brought Menlo-Atherton back in because they're basically a different team from the one that got smacked around by SFGG in NorCal's opening weekend. Avon of Indiana (not to be confused with Avon of Ohio) comes in unbeaten and looking to face off with Pendleton, so we're happy about that one (if you can't play outside your state, play someone who has played outside your state).  

We tracked down (finally) some Colorado scores, and basically it came down last week to the idea of whether PAC beating East HS was enough to move PAC into the Top 50. We demurred, and then saw Colorado Springs beat PAC, and so we were right to wait. Colorado Springs comes in.

And finally, yes, we have the Charlotte Squadron in the Top 50. We've discussed this before, but how do you track a separate-but-connected club team? The Squadron is essentially the B-side of the Charlotte Tigers. But they play a separate schedule from the Tigers and are a separate roster (so they tell us). And they play first-side teams. We're still not sold on the idea, because a first-side team playing another's purported second side might select and prepare and play differently. And we might also see some player trading, which kind of makes the team less of a separate and distinct outfit.

Still ... the Charlotte Squadron hasn't lost, and beat a ranked first team. That's pretty good. They come in at #50. But we might never do this again, because does this mean that Gonzaga Varsity Black or Xavier Varsity Blue gets ranked? It's a conundrum. 


Goff Rugby Report Boys HS Club Rankings Week 11 2021
Rank Prev Team Notes
1 1 Charlotte Tigers (NC)  
2 2 Genesis (UT) Beat West Valley (4)
3 3 Royal Irish (IN) Opponent forfeited
4 4 West Valley Warriors (UT) Lost to Genesis (2)
5 6 Woodlands (TX) Beat Lake Travis (S50)
6 7 Thunder Rugby (CA) Beat Belmont Shore (25)
7 5 Aspetuck (CT) Lost to St. Ignatius (S4)
8 8 San Diego Mustangs (CA)  
9 18 Fort Hunt (VA) Beat Richmond
10 9 Tempe (AZ) Beat Sahuarita
11 10 SOC Raptors (CA) Beat Aztecs/OMBAC
12 11 Red Mountain (AZ) Beat Phoenix
13 12 SLV Rhinos (UT)  
14 19 Danville (CA) Beat Jesuit (S12)
15 13 Raleigh Redhawks (NC)  
16 17 Harlequin (TN) Beat Germantown (21)
17 14 Naples (FL)  
18 16 West Houston (TX)  
19 20 SFGG (CA) Beat Marin
20 15 Allen (TX)  
21 26 Berks (PA) Beat LaSalle (S21)
22 21 Germantown (TN) Lost to Harlequin Rugby (17)
23 28 West Shore Utd (PA) Beat Malvern Prep
24 29 Fairfield (CT) Beat Ridgefield
25 24 United (UT)  

Goff Rugby Report Boys HS Club Rankings Week 11 2021
26 25 Belmont Shore (CA) Lost to Thunder (7)
27 22 Boca Raton (FL)  
28 23 Jacksonville (FL)  
29 30 Downingtown (PA) Lost to Cumberland Valley (S27)
30 31 Pendleton (IN) Beat Noblesville
31 32 Doylestown (PA) Beat Gregory the Great (S10)
32 27 Phoenix Alpharetta (GA)  
33 40 Liberty (WA) Beat Eastside (38)
34 38 Eastside (WA) Lost to Liberty (40)
35 39 Eagan (MN) Beat South River
36 33 West Allegheny (PA)   
37 34 Okapi (FL)  
38 35 Snow Canyon (UT)  
39 36 Kansas City Jr. Blues (MO)  
40 Unr Menlo-Atherton (CA) Beat Elsie Allen (49)
41 Unr Avon (IN) Beat St. Xavier Louisville
42 45 Morris (NJ)  Beat Christian Brothers NJ
43 44 HSE (IN) Beat Culver
44 46 Granite Bay (CA) Beat Mother Lode
45 Unr Colorado Springs (CO) Beat PAC
46 43 Brighton (UT)  
47 48 S. Greenville (SC)  
48 37 Raptors (TN) Lost to Christian Brothers (S47)
49 49 Elsie Allen (CA) Lost to Menlo-Atherton
50 Unr Charlotte Squadron (NC) Beat Wando (S29)

Goff Rugby Report Boys HS Club Rankings Week 11 2021