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Boys 2021 HS Club Rankings Week 10

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Boys 2021 HS Club Rankings Week 10

Can Royal Irish hang on to #3 despite losing a game? Alex Goff photo.

The loss Royal Irish suffered in the Midwest tournament was only a two-point loss in a 50-minute game to a well-regarded opponent; that's the sort of result that we have a hard time using as justification to drop a team down.

So Royal Irish remains at #3, but it's worth remembering that the HS Club Top 10 is packed with high-quality teams. Despite the fact that Charlotte has been #1 all season, there could be changes.

Six teams enter the Top 50 this week, with Fort Hunt's shutout of Xavier vaulting them to #18, and West Allegheny and Eagan finally getting their due. Eastside and Liberty won in Washington, but that's going to be a tough state to judge for a while because the games are always close (Eastside won 17-12 over Budd Bay, who doesn't make the rankings) and so we probably won't see anyone float up too high unless they play out-of-state.

Among the other shifts we saw — Berks drops after another loss and a new look at the Rugby PA results and our feeling that they belong in that cluster that includes West Shore, Doylestown, and Downingtown.

Danville edged SFGG and we made the decision to move Danville up rather than penalize SFGG. This is our geographical bias showing. Northern California teams are all good; this has been shown to be true year after year. So after SFGG beat Menlo-Atherton last week, showing they are strong, Danville's 14-12 win over SFGG is a compliment to Danville. 

Rejoining the Top 50 is HSE. We got to watch this team in person last week and, despite the fact they lost one game and tied another, we were impressed with a lot of things that they do. And finally the Raleigh Redhawks take a big step forward after a pretty dominating win over Phoenix Alpharetta. We have to thank Phoenix for their help with the rankings. Since they have played out of state so much their results helps us a lot in figuring out where teams fall.




Goff Rugby Report Boys HS Club Rankings Week 10 2021
Rank Prev Team Notes
1 1 Charlotte Tigers (NC)  
2 2 Genesis (UT) Beat United (25)
3 3 Royal Irish (IN) Beat St. Edward (S14), lost to St. Ignatius (S5) 14-12
4 4 West Valley Warriors (UT) Beat SLV Rhinos (12)
5 5 Aspetuck (CT)  
6 6 Woodlands (TX)  
7 7 Thunder Rugby (CA) Beat Aztecs/OMBAC
8 8 San Diego Mustangs (CA) Beat San Clemente (S28)
9 9 Tempe (AZ) Beat Phoenix
10 10 SOC Raptors (CA) Beat Back Bay
11 11 Red Mountain (AZ)  
12 12 SLV Rhinos (UT) Lost to West Valley (4)
13 22 Raleigh Redhawks (NC) Beat Phoenix Alpharetta (17)
14 13 Naples (FL)  
15 15 Allen (TX)  
16 16 West Houston (TX)  
17 17 Harpeth (TN) Beat Spring Hill (S33)
18 Unr Fort Hunt (VA) Beat Xavier (S18)
19 46 Danville (CA) Beat SFGG (26)
20 26 SFGG (CA) Lost to Danville (46)
21 19 Germantown (TN) Beat Father Ryan (S39)
22 20 Boca Raton (FL)  
23 21 Jacksonville (FL)  
24 25 United (UT) Lost to Genesis (2)
25 27 Belmont Shore (CA)  

Goff Rugby Report Boys HS Club Rankings Week 10 2021
26 14 Berks (PA) Lost to Gregory the Great (13)
27 18 Phoenix Alpharetta (GA) Lost to Raleigh Redhawks (22)
28 29 West Shore Utd (PA) Beat Cumberland Valley (S17)
29 28 Fairfield (CT) Beat Simsbury
30 24 Downingtown (PA) Lost to St. Joe's Prep (S16)
31 32 Pendleton (IN) Beat W. Ottawa, Toledo
32 30 Doylestown (PA) Beat LaSalle (S23)
33 Unr West Allegheny (PA)  Beat Moon Area
34 31 Okapi (FL)  
35 33 Snow Canyon (UT)  
36 34 Kansas City Jr. Blues (MO)  
37 36 Raptors (TN)  
38 Unr Eastside (WA) Beat Budd Bay
39 Unr Eagan (MN) Beat Becker
40 Unr Liberty (WA) Beat Rainier
41 37 St. Charles (OH)  
42 38 Katy (TX)  
43 39 Brighton (UT) Beat Wasatch
44 Unr HSE (IN) Lost to St. Ignatius (S5), tied St. Edward (S14)
45 45 Morris (NJ)  Beat Bridgewater
46 49 Granite Bay (CA) Beat Marin 17-16
47 42 Dayton Northern Force (OH) Lost to Warrior (S29)
48 41 S. Greenville (SC)  
49 50 Elsie Allen (CA) Beat Liberty
50 23 F5 (OK) Lost to Bixby (S4)

Goff Rugby Report Boys HS Club Rankings Week 10 2021