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Backing Up Wins in Great Midwest

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Backing Up Wins in Great Midwest

UNI vs Northwestern. Bob Nemmers photo.

Illinois State bonced back from last week's loss to beat a tough Loyola side this week in Great Midwest Conference action.

Meanwhile, Marquette won their second in a row, taking down Northern Michigan 29-17.

Northern Iowa won big over Northwestern 78-0. Jeremy Staack scored four tries while Kaleb Boleyn added three in the game. Mick Marker added two of his own and Gabe Santoiemma added a solid overall game. At scrumhalf, David Randall set up the attack all day and logged seven try assists.

UW-Platteville also backed up last week's win with another, holding UW-Milwaukee to a try and winning 29-5. 

Milwaukee is a well-coached team and tested the Platteville team continuously. But with UW-P No. 8 Ed Schott and prop Kevin Wiskow laying in some massive tackles, they were able to hold off Milwaukee for the most part.

Schott and Wiskow both ran well with the ball—Schott scored a try, too—and inside backs Robbie Ruth and Hayden Rudkin worked together nicely and combined for three tries. 

"Two rookies really stepped up in a big way this week," said backs captain Derek Matz. "Nate Klema had a try and our other rookie, Owen Yoose, replaced Aaron Kinney at scrumhalf and proved himself this week showing he can pass the ball quickly to our crashing forwards and swing the ball out accurately to our backs. He was there at every breakdown and never missed a step."

Yoose replaced Aaron Kinney, the regular scrumhalf, who broke his arm last week.

UNI, Marquette, and UW-Platteville are now 2-0. Illinois State and Loyola are now 1-1.

10/2 Northwestern 0-78 Northern Iowa GMW
10/2 Marquette 29-17 Northern Michigan GMW
10/2 UW-Platteville 29-5 UW-Milwaukee GMW
10/2 Loyola 24-46 Illinois State GMW