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Apply To Be On The Scholz Or Sorensen Award Panel

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Apply To Be On The Scholz Or Sorensen Award Panel

It's that time again, as we start to think who might be the top college rugby players in the country.

That would be the Rudy Scholz Award for men and the MA Sorensen Award for women. The awards are selected by a combination of fan voting, coach voting, and a panel of experts. 

Do you want to be on the panel of experts? Do you think you have something to add? You can apply now.

Apply Here

Past MA Sorensen Award Winners:

2016: Hope Rogers, Penn State

2017: Ilona Maher, Quinnipiac

2018: McKenzie Hawkins, Lindenwood

2019: Emily Henrich, Dartmouth


Past Rugby Scholz Award Winners:

2016: Dylan Audsley, Saint Mary's

2017: Bryce Campbell, Indiana

2018: Connor McNerney, US Naval Academy

2019: Harley Wheeler, Life University