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All-Time American List: Ellie Karvoski

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All-Time American List: Ellie Karvoski

Ellie Karvoski for the USA vs Australia in the 2006 RWC. Photo World Rugby.

A convert from field hockey, Ellie Karvoski brought an athleticism and analytic mind to wing for the USA both in 15s and 7s.

The quick, explosive outside back had a coach's mind and an athlete's finishing touch. After the USA Women's 15s team saw its fortunes dip somewhat in the early 2000s, she reminded us that to win at the highest level you needed to be a rugby player, for sure, but you also needed to be an athlete—an athlete who was not just physically gifted, but motivated, and smart.

Ellie Karvoski was a central figure in the USA 7s team that took 3rd in the 2009 RWC 7s. It's fair to say that they wouldn't have gotten that far without her. As a 15s player she was capped 13 times and scored 11 tries. That's right. She was almost at a try a game at the highest level anyone can play. She played in three Rugby World Cups (one in 7s and two in 15s) and should have had twice as many 15s caps as she did but the USA women's program was sadly bereft of games for some years.

Domestically she was part of a New York Rugby Club resurgence, and was the danger player on every team she suited up for.

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