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Aircraft Charter Solutions PoW - Eric Sweeney

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Aircraft Charter Solutions PoW - Eric Sweeney

You might have seen the video of Eric Sweeney playing scrumhalf for Towson University, taking the ball from the back of the scrum, running weakside and popping a kick over the top for a try against Georgetown.

It’s nice video (see here), and also a good example of the field vision and rugby intelligence Sweeney possesses. It’s one example, but, according to Towson co-Head Coach Tony De Cesare, it’s a good example. 

Getting the Green Card.

“A kid like this is a rare find,” said De Cesare.  “His leadership on and off the field sets the tone for the rest of the team; a quality that was seen early by our coaching staff when he led his high school team (Mt. St. Joseph) to a conference championship his senior year.”

Sweeney comes from a rugby family, as his brother Kyle was a well-recognized player for Towson and his cousin, Chris Lowe, was also. Now as a senior he will playing in his fourth straight national championship playoff season.

“His skill set is extraordinary,” said De Cesare. “Passing efficiently from either hand, kicking from both sides and converting over 70% of his kicks on the season.  In my opinion he is one of the most coachable players I've had the pleasure to work with and his rugby IQ is superb.  He can adjust his style of play in a moment's notice and is always a threat to score when he touches the ball, as you've seen in the video.”

Towson has other good players - No. 8 Pat McKenna puts in dominate performances every week. De Cesare said that Sweeney benefited from playing with McKenna and others, and learned from them.

“The biggest change in his game this season has been managing the pack while leaving the backline duties to our flyhalf,” said the coach. “He has no problem delegating responsibility to improve the overall performance of the team, and is one of the most unselfish players I've seen play at the collegiate level.” 

Off the pitch Sweeney is also a leader, participating in community service projects and coaching at his old high school. 

“It's been a pleasure to watch him grow as a player and a person the last few years, and expect great things to come for him in the future,” said De Cesare.

This past week, while leading Towson to a playoff win over Georgetown, Sweeney also received the referee’s Green Card award for Core Rugby Values and Sportsmanship.

And now he is our Aircraft Charter Solutions Player of the Week.