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The Age-Grade Rugby Connection AT The Elite Level

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The Age-Grade Rugby Connection AT The Elite Level

Hanco Germishuys scores for the USA. David Barpal photo.

After the recent article on FloRugby about how Salty Thompson got an award, but maybe won't have as much to do with the HS All Americans going forward (in part because the HSAA team will be less active), we wanted to look at players who have gone through the Thompson system and have been capped by the USA.

So, here's the list. But first, of the current USA team that is going to play Chile on Saturday, here's a look at how that squad breaks down:


Eagles who went through Thompson’s U19s/U20s/HSAA programs include (this may not be complete, but it's close):

Malon Al-Jiboori
Derek Asbun
Dylan Audsley
Justin Boyd
Bryce Campbell
Ben Cima
Cam Dolan
Nate Ebner
Tai Enosa
Cameron Falcon
Eric Fry
Hanco Germishuys
Madison Hughes
PJ Komongnan
Titi Lamositele
Ben Landry
Scott LaValla
Will Magie
Ryan Matyas
Tim Maupin
Taylor Mokate
Taku Ngwenya
James Paterson
Don Pati
Shawn Pittman
Ryab Roundy
Zack Test
Brett Thompson


Of the current 23 playing on Saturday, 

US College Players: 17

USA Age-Grade Programs: 12

Played HS Rugby in US: 15

Player High-Level Football: 3