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2016 Boys Single-School Rankings Week 1

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2016 Boys Single-School Rankings Week 1

Tamara Tidey photo.

With most boys HS leagues not in action, but one or two actually going, we open up the Boys Single-School rankings for 2016.

There's not that much of a shift compared to the final rankings of the 2015 season (see here), but there is some movement. Much of that is prompted by the beginning of the SoCal season, with Fallbrook and Torrey Pines falling off and Cathedral and La Costa Canyon playing well. Mira Costa plays in a league where you only have to have 70% of the players from one school. However, the Mustangs go for 100% anyway, so they are in the Single-School rankings. 

Dixon drops out from last year because they merged into a new large club. Snow Canyon was #4 at the end of last year. They may well get back there, but dropped an early result to Lamorinda (shortened game, they played some subs ... all stipulated, but we've got to start somewhere).



Goff Rugby Report Boys HS Single-School Rankings 2016 Week #1
Rank   Team Notes
1   Gonzaga (DC)  
2   Sacramento Jesuit (Calif.)  
3   Kahuku (Hawaii)  
4   Herriman (Utah)  
5   Penn (Ind.)  
6   Xavier (NY)  
7   Greenwich (Conn.)  
8   MIra Costa (Calif.)  
9   Snow Canyon (Utah)  
10   St. Edward (Ohio)  
11   Westlake (Texas)  
12   La Costa Canyon (Calif.)  
13   Brownsburg (Ind.)  
14   Georgetown Prep (Md.)  
15   St. Ignatius (Ohio)  
16   Union (Okla.)  
17   Cathedral Catholic (Calif.)  
18   Union HS (Ore.)  
19   St. Paul's (La.)  
20   Charlotte Catholic (NC)  
21   Lake Travis (Texas)  
22   Olympus (Utah)  
23   South Doyle (Tenn.)  
24   East HS (Colo.)  
25   Regis Jesuit (Colo.)  
26   Cumberland Valley (Pa.)  
27   St. Thomas Aquinas (Kan.)  
28   Ravenwood (Tenn.)  
29   ND de la Salette (Ill.)  
30   Wando (SC)