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2016 Boys Single-School Rankings #8

HS Boys

2016 Boys Single-School Rankings #8

Neuqua beats Grandville - enough to get the Illinois team into the top 50. Steven Zomberg photo.

Easter Weekend and snow in Colorado made things a little slow last week.

But we did ave some big movers in the GRR Boys Single-School rankings nevertheless. Greenwich beat the defending NIT Tier II and New Jersey champs Union, by the score of 101-0. You can't ignore that kind of performance. Greenwich moves up three spots, and could have moved up more except that St. Ignatius went to Texas and beat everybody (so far). St. Thomas Aquinas beat KC Jr. Blues 15-0, and that's an impressive result too. It moves STA up six spots.

At the lower end of the top 50, Neuqua out of Illinois moves in after some solid performances, including a competitive loss to Notre Dame de La Salette, and then two wins over two of the stronger teams in Michigan. And #42 Providence in North Carolina got slammed by Myers Park, and so they drop out and Myer Park comes in. 

Fishers, who beat Sparta, who beat West Ottawa, also joins the top 50.

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Goff Rugby Report Boys HS Single-School Rankings 2016 #8
Rank Prev Team Notes
1 1 Gonzaga (DC) 3-0 in Spain Tour
2 2 Sacramento Jesuit (Calif.) Defeated Solo (MS8)
3 3 Herriman (Utah) Defeated Utah Lions
4 5 Xavier (NY) Idle
5 6 Penn (Ind.) Swept Penn Invitational
6 7 St. Ignatius (Ohio) Defeated St. Thomas (29), Cy-Fair, Westlake (11)
7 10 Greenwich (Conn.) Defeated Union (NJ) (MS31)
8 4 Kahuku (Hawaii) Idle
9 8 St. Edward (Ohio) Idle
10 9 Mira Costa (Calif.) Idle
11 11 Westlake (Texas) Lost to St. Ignatius (7)
12 13 Georgetown Prep (Md.) Florida trip
13 14 Lake Travis (Texas) Defeated Rock Rugby (MS13)
14 12 La Costa Canyon (Calif.) Idle
15 21 St. Thomas Aquinas (Kan.) Defeated KC Jr. Blues (MS10)
16 15 Snow Canyon (Utah) Forfeit Win
17 16 Charlotte Catholic (NC) Idle
18 17 East HS (Colo.) Snowed out
19 18 Brownsburg (Ind.) Idle
20 19 Wando (SC) Idle
21 20 Jesuit New Orleans (La.) Idle
22 22 Regis Jesuit (Colo.) Snowed out
23 28 Jesuit-Dallas (Texas) Idle
24 23 St. Paul's (La.) Idle
25 24 Torrey Pines (Cailf.) Idle
26 25 Cathedral Catholic (Calif.) Idle
27 27 Union HS (Ore.) Defeated Prairie
28 26 Riviera Beach MA (Fla.) Idle
29 29 St. Thomas (Texas) Lost to St. Ignatius (7)
30 30 Unionville (Pa.) Idle
31 31 Pelham (NY) Defeated Cape Pirates
32 32 St. John Bosco (Calif.) Idle
33 33 Olympus (Utah) Idle
34 34 Cumberland Valley (Pa.) Idle
35 35 South Doyle (Tenn.) Idle
36 36 Ravenwood (Tenn.) Idle
37 37 ND de la Salette (Ill.) Idle
38 39 Bixby (Okla.) Defeated Yukon
39 38 Greenville HS (SC) Idle
40 40 Edina (Minn.) Idle
41 41 View Park Prep (Calif.) Idle
43 43 Union (Okla.) Idle
44 44 Capital (Idaho) Idle
45 45 Rocky Mountain (Idaho) Idle
46 46 Highland (Utah) Idle
47 47 Fairfield Prep Defeated Darien
48 Unr Myers Park (NC) Defeated Providence (42)
48 48 BC High (Mass.) Idle
49 Unr Neuqua (Ill.) Defeated Grandville (49), W. Ottawa
50 Unr Fishers (Ind.) Lost to Penn (6), Bt. Sparta


So many saints. St. Thomas Aquinas was a 13th-century friar who was a genius of a writer, thinker, and philosopher and is one of the great influences in the Catholic Church's tradition of teaching. Notre Dame de la Salette isn't a person, it's a vision. Two children in La Salette, France in the 19th Century reported seeing a vision of the Virgin Mary weeping bitter tears. St. Thomas Houston is (we think) named after Thomas the Apostle, the famous "doubting Thomas" who was unwilling to believe Christ resurrected until he had seen the evidence himself. St. John Bosco was a priest, educator and writer of the 19th Century. He founded a movement dedicated to bringing education to the poor. St. Paul was one of the 12 Apostles. He traveled throughout Asia and Europe founding churches and writing letters (epistles) that have been memorialized in the New Testament of the Bible. St. Ignatius was a Basque knight who founded, in the 16th Century, the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits, the organization, along with the Christian Brothers and Brothers of the Holy Cross, to have founded and run most of the Catholic schools around the world.) St. Edward is named after Edward the Confessor, King of England in the 11th Century, and (almost) the last of the Anglo-Saxon kings before William the Conqueror showed up. Gonzaga is St. Aloysius Gonzaga, who was one of the early Jesuits. He died at 23 caring for victims of a plague in the 16th Century.