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2015 Boys HS Club Rankings Week 5

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2015 Boys HS Club Rankings Week 5

United poised to make a move? Photo courtesy Utah Youth Rugby.

There's a new #1 in town. It might not last too long, but Danville, thanks to the fact that the Royal Irish have not started yet and the Danville Oaks keep winning, we put Danville in at #1. Liberty moves up in Washington after a good start over Eastside, while Red Mountain drops below United thanks to a loss against United (it was in a warmup tournament, so the meaning of that result might fall away quickly).

Kent beat Seattle, so Kent moves in, and Katy beat Kingwood, so they move in.


Goff Rugby Report Boys HS Club Rankings 2015 Week #5
Rank Prev Team Notes
1 2 Danville Oaks (Calif.) Beat Hayward (22)
2 1 Royal Irish (Ind.) Idle
3 3 San Diego Mustangs (Calif.) Idle
4 4 Kansas City Jr. Blues (Mo.) Defeated SLUHS, Brownsburg, lost to Penn at Lindenwood Tny
5 5 Colorado Springs (Colo.) Idle
6 7 Sierra Foothills (Calif.) Idle
7 8 Daytona (Fla.) Forfeit win
8 9 Alpharretta Phoenix (Ga.) Defeated Mill Creek
9 21 Liberty (Wash.) Defeated Eastside
10 11 United (Utah) Defeated Olympus, TC Fusion, Red Mountain (6)
11 6 Red Mountain (Ariz.) Defeated Olympus, lost to United (11), Snow Canyon
12 12 Back Bay (Calif.) Beat Young Aztecs, Tri-City
13 13 Santa Monica (Calif.) Defeated South Bay
14 15 Naples (Fla.) Defeated Trojans
15 16 Granite Bay (Calif.) Defeated Pleasanton
16 17 Union (Okla.) Snow
17 18 West Shore United (Pa.) Idle
18 19 Union County (NJ) Idle
19 Unr Kent (Wash.) Idle
20 22 Hayward (Calif.) Lost to Danville (2)
21 20 Seattle (Wash.) Lost to Kent 24-22
22 23 Clark County (Ore.) Idle
23 24 Peninsula Green (Calif.) Defeated Oakland
24 25 Kau Toa (Utah) Idle
25 26 Cy-Fair (Texas) Defeated Memorial
26 26 North Bay (Caif.) Idle
27 27 Charlotte Tigers (NC) Lost to Gonzaga
28 Unr Katy (Texas) Defeated Kingwood (28)
29 29 Cape Pirates (Fla.) Defeated Mavericks
30 30 Weston (Fla.) Idle