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2015 Boys HS Club Rankings Week 4

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2015 Boys HS Club Rankings Week 4

It's been a crazy couple of weeks in Boys HS Club Rugby, with several top-ranked teams losing games, but games that leave us skeptical.

Back Bay's win over Santa Monica was a pre-season game, and so was Back Bay's loss to Empire. We're reluctant to just chuck Empire in the Top 30, but we might if they produce a couple more strong results. Meanwhile, we feel we have to give some credence to Kahuku's defeat of United, even though we know United were under-staffed. So Kahuku moves up, and United down. Both Back Bay and Santa Monica move down (and the Sharks move ahead of the Dolphins), but Empire has to wait.

(Also we updated this because we had not included North Bay's loss to Peninsula Green, which messes things up even more)

Teams that have produced consistently strong results in league play add to the list near the bottom end - two from Texas and two from Florida.


Goff Rugby Report Boys HS Club Rankings 2015 Week #4

Rank Prev Team Notes
1 1 Royal Irish (Ind.) Idle
2 2 Danville Oaks (Calif.) Beat Lamorinda
3 4 San Diego Mustangs (Calif.) Idle
4 5 Kansas City Jr. Blues (Mo.) Idle
5 8 Colorado Springs (Colo.) Idle
6 9 Red Mountain (Ariz.) Defeated Scottsdale/Tempe
7 11 Sierra Foothills (Calif.) Lost to Jesuit (SS#1)
8 12 Daytona (Fla.) Defeated Tampa
9 10 Alpharretta Phoenix (Ga.) Defeated Roswell
10 Unr Kahuku (Hawaii) Defeated United (6)
11 6 United (Utah) Lost to Kahuku (Hawaii)
12 7 Back Bay (Calif.) Beat Santa Monica (3), lost to Empire
13 3 Santa Monica (Calif.) Beat Hawaiian Gardens, Lost to Back Bay (7)
15 21 Naples (Fla.) Defeated Key Biscayne
16 20 Granite Bay (Calif.) Won 2nds game v Jesuit
17 14 Union (Okla.) Idle
18 15 West Shore United (Pa.) Idle
19 16 Union County (NJ) Idle
20 17 Seattle (Wash.) Idle
21 18 Liberty (Wash.) Idle
22 Unr Hayward (Calif.) Defeated Peninsula Green (23)
23 19 Clark County (Ore.) Idle
24 23 Peninsula Green (Calif.) Lost to Hayward
25 22 Kau Toa (Utah) Idle
26 13 North Bay (Caif.) Defeated Pleasanton, lost to Peninsula Green (23)
26 Unr Cy-Fair (Texas) Defeated Katy (25), St. Pius
27 24 Charlotte Tigers (NC) Idle
27 Unr Kingwood (Texas) Defeated Woodlands
28 Unr Cape Pirates (Fla.) Idle
29 Unr Weston (Fla.) Defeated Cardinal Gibbons