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2015 Boys HS Club Rankings Week 10

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2015 Boys HS Club Rankings Week 10

With the cold-weather states getting going we will see a few more teams break into the HS Club Rankings. This week, a solid body of work gets Mississippi, KC Cougars, Kingswood, and Beaverton in. West Valley moves up one again thanks to another big result, this time beating United. 

But this week we can give you a little look into how we decide some of these things, and how thin the thread can be. We had Eastside out of Oregon ranked last week, along with Clark County.

But Clark County lost to Bend. So shouldn't we rank Bend? Maybe not. Bend lost to Linn Benton earlier in the season. So shouldn't we rank Linn Benton? Maybe not ... Beaverton has beaten West Linn, Valley Rams, and North Clackamas, all by big margins. Linn Benton also beat North Clackamas, but only 15-12. In addition, in a shortened-game round robin over the past weekend,  Beaverton beat Linn Benton 10-3. 

So recent results in the end have us ranking Eastside the best club in Oregon for now, with Beaverton, then Linn Benton, and then Bend. Of course, they could all be like Washington and have everyone beat everyone else.



Goff Rugby Report Boys HS Club Rankings 2015 Week #10
Rank Prev Team Notes
1 1 Danville Oaks (Calif.) Idle
2 2 Royal Irish (Ind.) Idle
3 3 Granite Bay (Calif.) Idle
4 4 Red Mountain (Ariz.) Defeated East Valley, Hamilton
5 5 Kansas City Jr. Blues (Mo.) Defeated St. Thomas Aquinas (SS20)
6 6 Sierra Foothills (Calif.) Idle
7 7 Back Bay (Calif.) Idle
8 8 Liberty (Wash.) Defeated Eastside (50) Kent (21)
9 23 West Valley Warriors (Utah) Defeated United (9)
10 9 United (Utah) Lost to West Valley (23)
11 10 San Diego Young Aztecs (Calif.) Idle
12 11 Woodlands (Texas) Idle
13 12 Colorado Springs (Colo.) Defeated PAC
14 32 Eastside (Ore.) Defeated West Linn
15 13 Daytona (Fla.) Idle
16 14 Orlando (Fla.) Idle
17 15 Naples (Fla.) Idle
18 16 Trojans (Ga.) Idle
19 17 Cape Pirates (Fla.) Idle
20 Unr PAC (Colo.) Lost to Colorado Springs (12)
21 18 Aurora (Colo.) Idle
22 33 Los Angeles (Calif.) Defeated South Bay
23 20 South Greenville (SC) Idle
24 22 Alpharretta Phoenix (Ga.) Lost to South Greenville (SC)
25 24 West Shore United (Pa.) Idle
26 25 Doylestown (Pa.) Idle
27 26 North Bay (Calif.) Idle
28 27 Hayward (Calif.) Idle
29 28 Charlotte Tigers (NC) Idle
30 29 North Bay (Md.) Idle
30 29 Maryland Exiles (Md.) Defeated Frederick Co.
32 31 Union County (NJ) Idle
33 Unr Beaverton (Ore.) Defeated Linn-Benton in shortened game
34 35 Peninsula Green (Calif.) Idle
35 36 Weston (Fla.) Defeated Tampa
36 Unr Kingwood (Texas) Defeated Memorial
37 38 Chapel Hill (NC) Idle
38 39 Union County (NC) Idle
39 40 Raleigh (NC) Idle
40 41 Fort Hunt (Va.) Idle
41 43 San Luis Obispo (Calif.) Idle
42 45 Santa Monica (Calif.) Idle
43 Unr KC Cougars (Kan.) Defeated St. Thomas Aquinas (SS20)
44 46 Cy-Fair (Texas) Idle
45 Unr Mississippi (Miss.) Lost to Shaw (SS41)
46 47 Scottsdale/Tempe (Ariz.) Defeated Desert Vista
47 48 San Diego Mustangs (Calif.) Lost to Snow Canyon (SS8), Xavier (224)
48 49 Budd Bay (Wash.) Forfeit win v Chuckanut
49 44 Kau Toa (Utah) Idle
50 21 Kent (Wash.) Lost to Seattle (50) Liberty (8)
50 50 Seattle (Wash.) Defeated Kent (21)