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One Family, One Team

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One Family, One Team

The Mathews family of Ohio is a big family, and one that has its hands in rugby all around the state.

Sean O'Malley, one of the extended family, realized that so many of his relatives played rugby that they could field their own team ... hmm, there's an idea.

"Growing up in a large family has shaped our lives thus far; teaching us loyalty, dedication, and love," said O'Malley. "Rugby has also groomed us as hard-working young men."

And together they brought seven family members plus two close family friends to make up the Lakeside Lost Boys, entered into the Rock and Roll 7s in Mentor, Ohio.

Rugby was introduced to the family at St. Ignatius High School (formerly Warrior Rugby) in the spring of 2007 and has spread rapidly ever since. Mathews relatives have players for St. Ignatius High School, Miami University, Ohio State University, Ohio University, the Cleveland Rovers, Lincoln Park RFC, and various assorted select sides. One, Drew Parker, has even chosen rugby as a career, serving as the Director of Youth Development at the Illinois Youth Rugby Association.

"It was only fitting that we all booted up together as a chance to reunite and enjoy the sport we love," said O'Malley. "I hope to make it an annual thing."

The team was not only made up of family members, but was coached by a family member, has a related water boy/future player, and is sponsored by the family business, Lakeside Supply Company.

Coached by Brian Driscoll, the Lakeside Lost Boys didn't really get to practice together, but entered the men's social division this past weekend.

Their lack of practice showed in their opening match, won by the Pittsburgh Highlanders 29-5. But they started to come together later, holding Avon Misfits II close at halftime before the Misfits cantered away 35-17. But in the final match, the Los Boys ended their day on a high note, beating Akron 21-19 in a thriller.

"It was a great day of family and rugby," said O'Malley.

The Lost Boys hope to create a tradition of entering a couple of tournaments a year, using the sport of rugby to strengthen our family bonds.