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GRR Boys HS Club Rankings

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GRR Boys HS Club Rankings

Goff Rugby Report unleashes its first Boys HS Club rankings of 2013-2014 season.

Unfortunately, because of the timing of the season and our launch, it's also the last rankings of the season. Ah well, we temper your disappointment by making th rankings big - 45 teams!

There are, we think, the best 45 multi-school boys teams in the country. For the most part we've gone with ranking the teams based on their performance in major national and regional playoffs - so if Team A beat Team B in March, but lost to Team B in the state semis, then Team B is ranked higher - but we have to extend our evaluations past that simply because many teams don't actually participate in regional or national championships.

So sometimes we rely on common opponents, which can be tricky (Brother Rice beat North Bay in the NIT, who then beat Westerville, who had beaten Brother Rice in the Midwest playoffs). In fact, North Bay is a conundrum to itself as they beat Hayward and Peninsula Green, but are ranked below those teams because both Hayward and Peninsula Green finished stronger.

Hayward, we think, could have challenged for a national title.

Lower down we rely on the relative strength of regions. Sometimes that's just opinion, and sometimes it's based on the performance of the state champion (if your state champion didn't light your territory or the NIT on fire, why should your #2 team be ranked higher?).

Not surprisingly, Cathedral Royal Irish out of Indianapolis is #1, with Santa Monica doing all they needed to do to earn #2. After that, it's a tossup among the next nine teams or so. 

Goff Rugby Report Boys HS Club Rankings End of 2013-2014
1Cathedral (Ind.)Won NIT
2Santa Monica (Calif.)2nd at NIT
3Danville Oaks (Calif.)3rd at NIT
4Hayward (Calif.)Won NorCal
5Colorado Springs (Colo.)Won Colorado
6Red Mountain (Ariz.)Won Arizona
7San Diego Mustangs (Calif.)4th in NIT
8Kansas City Jr. Blues (Mo.)5th in NIT
9Seattle (Wash.)Won Washington
10United (Utah)6th in NIT
11Clark County (Ore.)Won Oregon
12Liberty (Wash.)Close to top in Washington
13Kau Toa (Utah)Won Utah
14Crusaders (Utah)Runners Up in Utah
15Sierra Foothills (Calif.)7th in NIT
16West Shore United (Pa.)Won Rugby Pa
17Peninsula Green (Calif.)Semis in NorCal
18Naples (Fla.)Won Florida
19Chiefs (Ill.)Won Illinois
20Mountain View (Idaho)Won Idaho
21Union County (NJ)New Jersey champs
22Brother Rice (Ill.)2nd in NIT Tier II, 2nd in Ill.
23North Bay (Calif.)3rd in NIT Tier II
24Grand Rapids Catholic (Mich.)Won Michigan
25Westerville (Ohio)2nd in Midwest
26Fort Hunt (Va.)Won Virginia
27Nakahi (Idaho)Runners Up Idaho
28Minnetonka (Minn.)2nd in Minn.
29Duluth (Minn.)Close loss to Minnetonka
30Plano (Texas) 
31Eastside (Ore.)2nd in Oregon
32Eastside (Wash.) 
33Chuckanut (Wash.) 
34Union (Okla.)Won Oklahoma
35Orlando (Fla.)5th in NIT Tier II
36Raleigh (NC)Won North Carolina
37Essex (Mass.)Won Massachusetts
38Daytona (Fla.) 
39Charlotte Tigers (NC)8th in NIT
40Woodlands (Texas) 
41Union County (NC) 
42Arlington (Ill.)Lost in Ill Semis
43Aurora (Colo.)Lost Colorado Semis
44Back Bay (Calif.) 
45Whitefish Bay (Wisc.)2nd in Wisconsin