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Navy Beats Clemson

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Navy Beats Clemson

A week before the ACRC Bowls, the ACRL champion Clemson Tigers took on the US Naval Academy.

Navy has been following a challenging fall schedule, playing highly-regarded teams every month or so. They defeated Ohio State 48-10 August 29, lost to Air Force 38-26 October 3, and beat Maryland 54-21 October 25.

This was the final game of their fall, while the Tigers have a bowl game against South Carolina set for November 22 in Charlotte.

On Saturday, hooker Luke Ohman led a sterling Midshipmen effort, hitting his mark in the lineouts and giving Navy plenty of solid possession.

“We needed the lineout to work for us and it did,” said Navy Head Coach Mike Flanagan.

Meanwhile, No. 8 Nick Marmureanu scored three tries for Navy.

“Our guys played extremely well,” said Flanagan, who is not usually effusive with his praise. “Our defense especially was good. We held a quality Clemson team. They are the real-deal I can see why they won the ACRL. This was a good game for us.”

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