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Men DII College Rankings 2014-15 #8

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Men DII College Rankings 2014-15 #8

With the play-ins for the final spots for the national playoffs done, we get a better send of the relative strengths of the various conferences. It's a small sample, to be sure, but something to go on.

This is what we found out: Cardinals is legit, even with their #2 losing to Potomac's #2, Towson was a heavy favorite and VMI (badly under-ranked last week) made them sweat.

Wisconsin-Illinois is, overall, stronger than Northern Lights. That doesn't mean the #1 team, Minnesota-Duluth isn't still great, but there's greater depth in WIIL. So now we look at UW-Stout's close win over Illinois State two weekends ago and, in the light of Stout's win over Northern Iowa, bump ISU up 5 places. 

Tri-State were competitive with MARC, but their #1 team lost to the MARC #2 team, so that tells us something. With IUP, York, and East Stroudsburg all quite close to Rowan, we figure they all should move up, and they do. Tri-State teams, notably Vassar and RPI, move down as a result.

Oswego moves up thanks to their win over Cortland, and then moves up more because some other teams lost.

And finally, the Deep South winner forfeited, after their runners up forfeited the conference final. We don't like forfeits, so everyone in the Deep South moves down.

The top six or so teams are really very strong, and it's possible that the next eight or so are close to that caliber. Right now it's hard to envision Duluth and Whitewater being beaten, but it's happened before.


Goff Rugby Report 2014-15 Men DII College Rankings #8
11Minesota-Duluth (Minn.)Idle
22UW-Whitewater (Wisc.)Idle
33James Madison (Va.)Idle
44Salisbury (Md.)Idle
55Towson (Md.)Defeated VMI (24)
66Notre Dame College (Ohio)Idle
79Grand Valley State (Mich.)Idle
810St. Louis (Mo.)Idle
919SUNY Oswego (NY)Defeated Buffalo State (26), Cortland (8)
1012Colorado College (Colo.)Forfeit of La Tech (27)
1113Vermont (Vt.)Idle
1214UW-Stout (Wisc.)Defeated UNI (11)
1324VMI (Va.)Lost to Towson (5)
1417Furman (SC)Idle
1520Illinois State (Ill.)Idle
1622Rowan (NJ)Defeated Fairfield (7)
178Cortland (NY)Defeated Niagara, lost to Oswego (19)
1811Northern Iowa (Iowa)Lost to UW-Stout (14)
1918UNC Wilminton (NC)Idle
2023Roger Williams (RI)Defeated CCSU (34)
2115Old Dominion (Va.)Idle
2221UW-Lacrosse (Wisc.)Idle
237Fairfield (Conn.)Lost to Rowan (22)
2438IUP (Pa.)Defeated Drexel
2525Bentley (Mass.)Defeated UMass-Lowell (31) in OT
2631UMass Lowell (Mass.)Lost to Bentley (25) in OT
2716Vassar (NY)Idle
2834Central Connecticut (Conn.)Lost to Roger Williams (23)
2927Buffalo State (NY)Lost to Oswego (19)
3042York (Pa)Idle
3143East Stroudsburg (Pa.)Idle
3226RPI (NY)Idle
3333Loyola (Ill.)Idle
3428Winona (Minn.)Idle
3535Plymouth State (NH)Idle
3636Salve Regina (RI)Idle
3737Xavier (Ohio)Idle
3839Rhode Island (RI)Idle
3946Gonzaga (Wash.)Idle
4040Sacred Heart (Conn.)Idle
4141Marist (NY)Idle
4229Louisiana Tech (La.)Forfeited to Colorado College (12)
4330Tulane (La.)Idle
4432Louisiana-Lafayette (La.)Idle
4544East Carolina (NC)Idle
4645Principia (Ill.)Idle
4747Eckerd (Fla.) 
4848NJIT (NJ)Idle
4949Georgetown (DC)Idle
5050Saginaw Valley State (Mich.)Idle