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Men DII College Rankings 2014-15 #7

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Men DII College Rankings 2014-15 #7

With the Men's DII college playoffs looming, the Goff Rugby Report Rankings may well get turned around.

Already we've seen one higher-ranked team (Towson) fall to a lower-ranked opponent (Salisbury), albeit by two points. The various changes throughout the rankings this week are due to a reevaluation of how strong various conferences are. We really can't know until we see more crossover games, but we do know this - that the top 7-10 teams are significantly stronger than most, if not all, of the teams ranked below. So the rankings reflect that somewhat - if you put points on UW-Whitewater, a team we rate very highly - you should get rewarded. 

Two new teams join the ranked 50. Central Connecticut State should have been in there before, and we finally do what we should have done weeks ago. And Gonzaga out of Washington state joins. The NCRC Cup is one of the few DII leagues that play outside of the championship schedule. It would be nice if they shifted things, and maybe next year they will. 

Also one more note - some of the teams in the rankings lost to lower-ranked teams or non-ranked teams recently. Every single one of those had already clinched a place in the national or conference playoffs. As a result, given that it happened several times, it seemed to us that these higher-ranked teams rested some players going into the playoffs. We have elected, then, not to penalize these teams much, and sometimes not at all.

However, another similar result could mean a major shift.


Goff Rugby Report 2014-15 Men DII College Rankings #7
11Minesota-Duluth (Minn.)Idle
22UW-Whitewater (Wisc.)Defeated Lacrosse (30), Stout (19)
33James Madison (Va.)Idle
47Salisbury (Md.)Defeated Towson (4)
54Towson (Md.)Lost to Salisbury (7)
66Notre Dame College (Ohio)Defeated IUP (39), Rowan (22)
75Fairfield (Conn.)Defeated Vassar (16)
810Cortland (NY)Lost to Oswego (20)
914Grand Valley State (Mich.)Defeated Xavier (36)
109St. Louis (Mo.)Idle
1113Northern Iowa (Iowa)Idle
1212Colorado College (Colo.)Idle
1311Vermont (Vt.)Lost to New Hampshire
1419UW-Stout (Wisc.)Defeated Illinois State (9), lost to UWW (2)
1515Old Dominion (Va.)Idle
1616Vassar (NY)Lost to Fairfield (5)
1717Furman (SC)Idle
1818UNC Wilminton (NC)Idle
1920SUNY Oswego (NY)Defeated Cortland (10)
208Illinois State (Ill.)Lost to UW-Stout (19)
2130UW-Lacrosse (Wisc.)Lost to UW-Whitewater (2)
2222Rowan (NJ)Defeated York (40), lost to Notre Dame (6)
2323Roger Williams (RI)Idle
2424VMI (Va.)Idle
2532Bentley (Mass.)Defeated Bryant
2625RPI (NY)Idle
2726Buffalo State (NY)Defeated Niagara
2821Winona (Minn.)Idle
2929Louisiana Tech (La.)Conference Champs
3028Tulane (La.)Idle
3133UMass Lowell (Mass.)Lost to St. Michael's
3227Louisiana-Lafayette (La.)Forfeited Conference Final
3331Loyola (Ill.)Idle
34UnrCentral Connecticut (Conn.)Defeated Springfield College
3534Plymouth State (NH)Idle
3635Salve Regina (RI)Idle
3736Xavier (Ohio)Lost to GVSU (14)
3839IUP (Pa.)Lost to Notre Dame (6)
3944Rhode Island (RI)Defeated Boston University
4037Sacred Heart (Conn.)Idle
4138Marist (NY)Idle
4240York (Pa)Lost to Rowan (22)
4341East Stroudsburg (Pa.)Idle
4442East Carolina (NC)Idle
4543Principia (Ill.)Idle
46UnrGonzaga (Wash.)Defeated Whitman
4748Eckerd (Fla.)Defeated Florida Gulf
4845NJIT (NJ)Idle
4946Georgetown (DC)Idle
5047Saginaw Valley State (Mich.)Idle