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Atlantis Holding Open 7s Camp

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Atlantis Holding Open 7s Camp

Atlantis Rugby will host an Individual Testing and Open Rugby Sevens Camp for High School Boys and Girls, Collegiate and U23 Men and Women on Sunday, Sept 21 from 9AM to 4PM.

The camp will be valuable for novice and experienced players alike and is open to any male or female player registered with USA Rugby.

To register go here:

Organized by Atlantis Rugby Corporation Head Coach Emil Signes, the camp will take place at Alapocas Run State Park, located at 2025 East Park Drive, Wilmington, Del.

The camp will include fitness testing, and a demonstration of basic 7s principles.

The coaches involved include:

• Emil Signes -  Internationally respected rugby coach; former Men’s and Women’s USA 7s Head Coach; Head Coach Atlantis 7s Select Side; Head Coach of Philadelphia-Whitemarsh Men’s Championship 7s Team 1999; Former Men’s 7s Collegiate All-Star Coach; Former Princeton Women’s Head Coach

• Chris Ryan - Atlantis Sevens Rugby Select Side Coach and former Atlantis Sevens player; former USA Women’s Rugby Sevens Assistant Coach; Head Coach Schuylkill River Men’s Sevens Rugby Team; Presently Head Coach Princeton University Women’s Rugby Team; Head Coach Philadelphia Men’s Sevens Select Side

• Dana Creager – Currently Head Coach NOVA’s Women’s 7s Team (2nd place at Nationals 2013); Head Coach MARFU Women’s 7s Team (2013 national champions); Currently UVA 7s Coach; Former USA Women’s 7s player; Former Atlantis Select Side player

• Biddy Boyle - Atlantis Sevens Rugby Select Side Coach and former Atlantis Sevens player; Former MARFU Men’s 7s All-Star assistant and Head Coach 2004 to 2012; Current Villanova University's Mens Rugby 7s Coach

• David Niu - Former USA Eagle and Australia player; Former USA Super League Rugby Coach

• Jack Foley - Current Head Coach of the Atlantis Rugby High School Boys 7s Team; Current Head Coach Villanova Mens Rugby team; Currently Head Coach, Pennsylvania High School Boys All-Star 7s Team; Former Head Coach, EPRU High School Boys All-Star 7’s team; Former Head Coach, Malvern Preparatory School Boys Rugby Team; Former Head Coach, Keystone Women’s Rugby Club; Former Head Coach, Philadelphia Women’s Rugby Club; Former member of the Philadelphia Whitemarsh Mens Rugby 7s Club Championship 1999; Former Atlantis Rugby player; Former USA Rugby Men’s 7s Player Pool

Atlantis will be taking several teams to the Las Vegas Invitational, and have announced that they will be taking a Boys Under 16 team.

The Head Coach will be Gregg Schor - former assistant USA Womens 7s coach and currently USA Men's Maccabiah Rugby 7s coach. Gregg is a former Atlantis Rugby player.

Crossover athletes and coaches are welcome. The individual must be CIPP registered with USA Rugby and have personal insurance. Any player under the age of 18 must have written permission by his parents and/or guardian. Each individual player must sign a Waiver and Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk Form ("Waiver and Release"). Each player/coach must sign a Waiver and Media/Picture Release Form.

Cost: $95 per individual player registration fee (Pre-Registered players will be provided a free t-shirt). Parking is $3.