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High School Girls

06.24.2017 - Alex Goff

Celtic Elite OH enjoyed a solid day of rugby at the Midwest RCT in Fishers, Ind. with four teams going 7-0.

06.23.2017 - Alex Goff

Day One in the Great Northwest Challenge is in the books and here's what has happened.

06.23.2017 - Alex Goff

The Ruck in Rock Hill is set for this weekend, with a national Middle School invitational, a girls Middle School 7s tournament, a boys HS 7s tournament, and a South Girls HS All-Star event.

The tournament has expanded markedly after the initial promotion of it as a Middle School NIT. It has since filled up with other teams looking for competition.

Below is the schedule.

06.17.2017 - Alex Goff

Three HS All-Star tournaments are in full swing.

In the South, North Carolina and Tennessee were 2-0 in the Boys Varsity pool play. Tennessee needed a one-point win over Okapi to get there. NC beat Okapi and Louisiana. That set up the semis, and North Carolina defeated Illinois 31-0 to make the final, while Tennessee held off ARE 14-5.


06.16.2017 - GRR Staff

Scores and standings from the South Regional Cup Tournament in Marietta, Ga.

Check back for score and update throughout the weekend.

Link to Scores from Rocky Mountain Challenge

06.16.2017 - Alex Goff

After a period where it seemed we might not have a Northeast RCT at all, we actually have a very compelling tournament.

06.14.2017 - Alex Goff

The Middle School NIT is growing and expanding as the tournament approaches.

Slated for June 24-25 in Rock Hill, SC, the tournament has now expanded into three brackets.

The first is the Boys Middle School bracket, which will include Washington DC, South Carolina, Texas, Florida, Virginia, and two teams from North Carolina. 

06.13.2017 - Alex Goff

The Indiana Hawks, Indiana Speed, and Celtic Elite met up in a girls Midwest All-Star Challenge this past weekend in what is basically a preview of the upcoming Midwest RCT.

The Indiana Hawks won both of their gams, beating the Speed 27-20 and the Celtic Elite 32-26. The Celtic Elite defeated the Speed to go 1-1, and the Celtic Elite JV Girls went 2-0.

06.12.2017 - GRR Staff

Scores and standings from the Northeast Regional Cup Tournament in Rahway, NJ.

Check back for score and update throughout the weekend.

Link to Scores from Rocky Mountain Challenge

06.08.2017 - GRR Staff

Here are the latest team lists for the Regional Cup Tournaments coming in the next two weeks.

Five HS all-star tournaments will be held throughout the country, with state-base all-star teams, and select teams sponsored by various organizations, as well as a few HS clubs that decided they didn't want the season to finish just yet.

06.02.2017 - GRR Staff

Latest HS scores this weekend.

Check back for updated scores.


05.31.2017 - GRR Staff

Rowe-Clark completed an undefeated Illinois league season over Memorial Day Weekend, defeating first-year program Hinsdale 39-22 in the final.

Hinsdale Central High School went 5-2 in its inaugural league season. In the final, Rowe-Clark came out strong some early breakaways and took the lad. But Hinsdale worked its way back and with only ten minutes to go, were within a try.