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High School Girls

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11.02.2020 - Alex Goff

Doylestown was the class of the Fall Fest Girls Bracket in Rugby PA's official high school 7s tournament on Sunday, but once again the key to the weekend was that young student-athletes actually got to play some rugby, a rare thing this year.

10.29.2020 - Alex Goff

Rugby PA caps its fall with Fall Fest this coming weekend.

10.24.2020 - Alex Goff

United stormed back in both brackets in Utah Youth Rugby’s High School 7s, with the boys and the girls both taking first place in Round 3.

Girls Get Revenge

In the girls bracket, United and Provo both went through pool play 3-0. Provo’s physicality and ability to create turnovers and convert them into scoring opportunities.

10.23.2020 - Alex Goff

Eleven high school rugby programs in Colorado have formed the Colorado Interscholastic Rugby Association, separating themselves from Rugby Colorado and pursuing a new league model endorsed by USA Youth & High School Rugby, the sport's oversight organization working with USA Rugby.

10.23.2020 - Alex Goff

Who makes the next big move in Utah?

In Round 2 of the Utah Youth Rugby HS 7s series, Provo girls and Mountain Ridge boys both made moves that told everyone that this season isn't a fait accompli. 

Provo Provides Utah Youth Rugby Surprise