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GRR: College Men

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06.18.2024 - GRR Staff

The Big Ten Universities Rugby Conference has named its 2023-24 All0Conference selections.

Indiana center Peyton Wall has been voted the Conference MVP, with Michigan's Christian Mentzer being named Coach of the Year.

06.17.2024 - Alex Goff

College Rugby Association of America has named its D1AA All Americans, picking a 1st team squad of 23 and 15 honorable mentions.

Five players from champions University of San Diego make the 1st team, while Iowa State, Sam Houston State, and Western Washington all had significant representation.

06.12.2024 - Alex Goff

The Washington Athletic Club hosts the WAC Rugby Awards Saturday in Seattle, with Freda Tafuna and Wyatt Parry receiving, respectively, the MA Sorensen and Rudy Scholz Awards in person.

06.06.2024 - GRR Staff

Walsh University has announced its coaching leadership team for its new rugby programs.

05.28.2024 - Alex Goff

We are wrapping up our D1AA rankings today.

It is always really difficult to make direct comparisons between teams that play primarily in the fall and teams that play primarily in the spring. Sam Houston State provides a nice connection between the two, playing as they did bowl games for both NCR and CRAA. Maybe we can have a peace summit at their field some day.