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04.05.2024 - Alex Goff

Saturday brings the opening round of the D1A playoffs and there are a couple of things to consider.

04.01.2024 - Alex Goff

Walsh University will announce tomorrow on the campus of Notre Dame College that the NDC men’s and women’s rugby teams will be able to transfer to Walsh.

03.26.2024 - Alex Goff

We don't have a ton of details for you right now, but we do have some important news for anyone following the Notre Dame College rugby programs.

03.25.2024 - Alex Goff

The D1A playoff matchups are out.

Interestingly, the rankings provided a perfect East-West split (eight teams in the Top 16 are from the East, and eight from the West). That made creating the bracket a lot easier for everyone. 

03.25.2024 - Alex Goff

So we frast-tracked these rankings because the playoff seedings are expected to come out very soon, and these rankings are a small part of how the official D1A rankings and seedings are used.

We might see a little difference within the D1A official rankings, but not much. Here's what we were thinking: