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01.21.2015 - Alex Goff

One of the strange things about the Red River DIA Conference is that, while the teams involved have not finished all of their games, and have had to wait some months to finish, the league itself is decided as Oklahoma played all five of their conference matches in the fall, and won them all.

11.02.2014 - Alex Goff
North Texas clinched the Southwest Collegiate Conference with a 32-15 win over their closest rivals, Texas State, finishing the regular season 5-0. League rules automatically award the conference championship to a team that goes undefeated in regular season play. Texas State drops to 3-2 but keeps 2nd.
10.25.2014 - Alex Goff

North Texas University slammed Rice to the tune of 89-8 to remain undefeated in the Southwest Conference.

UNT is now 4-0 and has outscored opponents 227-27.

10.07.2014 - Alex Goff

With their 75-6 defeat of Texas A&M, North Texas put their hand up, way up, in the Southwest Rugby Conference.

Sure, this was A&M's 2nd side as they run their 1st side in the Red River, but, still, 75-6 says something, and A&M Director of Rugby Craig Coates was highly complimentary of the Mean Green.

09.14.2014 - Alex Goff

The University of North Texas won all three games in the Southwestern Rugby Conference (SWC) pre-season tournament Saturday.