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GRR: Rocky Mountain

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10.05.2015 - Jackie Finlan

Administrating the women’s Rocky Mountain conference is like coaching a team. There are well established programs – the veterans – that plan for playoffs and whose engagement in the league hinges on a level of professionalism (e.g., playing a season without forfeit wins).

04.06.2015 - Jackie Finlan

Women’s colleges in the Rocky Mountain region have rallied behind spring 7s. It makes weather sense, but a concentrated 7s season also helps smaller, isolated schools play in meaningful competitions while the sport engenders a following.

11.05.2014 - Jackie Finlan

You’ve got to hand it to the women’s college sector of the Rocky Mountain conference. The league is challenged at best, with its seven teams hailing from Idaho, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming, and putting some opponents 12-plus hours away from each other.