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11.05.2018 - Alex Goff

CHICAGO — Arkansas State University defeated Notre Dame, 32-17, this weekend in men’s college rugby.

“Notre Dame is a very good team,” said A-State head coach Blake White. “Their players challenged us physically throughout the match, particularly with their big forwards. The first half was some of the best rugby we’ve played all year, but we just didn’t capitalize enough.”

11.03.2015 - Jackie Finlan

Notre Dame got a nice boost heading into the Big Ten championship this weekend, defeating Michigan 22-0 in a wet, physical game. The Irish finish the regular season 4-1, losing only to Penn State and unable to reschedule its game against Indiana. The latter are traditionally the top two teams in the conference and have committed to the DI Elite championship in the spring.

10.01.2015 - Jackie Finlan

In the Big Ten, it’s Penn State and everyone else, but that race for second-best is always a good one. Indiana has been the traditional runner-up, but after a couple big losses during the friendly season, the competition for #2 might be closer than years previous.