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GRR: Morris

05.24.2022 - Alex Goff

Morris capped off their regular season in Rugby New Jersey with a 31-0 defeat of Union over the weekend.

Nick Buttorworth, Angelo Sweeney, Patrick Feehan, and Pierce Hillabrant all scored for Morris, with Sweeney scoring twice.

04.24.2022 - Alex Goff

Pelham HS out of New York defeated Morris out of New Jersey Saturday in a meeting of the #46 school team (Pelham) and the #48 club (Morris).

The Pelham backs had a very good day with scrumhalf Michael Sample providing quick service and helping the threequarters exploit space. Among those beneficiaries was wing Alejandro Beneventa. 

03.01.2022 - Alex Goff

Morris HS Boys hosted their first preseason game of the year, taking on #36 Doylestown on Sunday. 

Morris ran in eight tries to defeat Doylestown 46-22. Doylestown put up a strong fight to the final whistle with ferocious tackling and strong running. 

01.26.2022 - GRR Staff

Clinton, NJ (EGRL Press Release plus additional GRR copy)—What happens when 5 of the top girl's high school rugby clubs on the East Coast decide to collaborate?

10.27.2015 - Jackie Finlan

Although New York and New Jersey award separate 15 titles in the spring, the ranks thin in the fall as other sports contend for athletes’ attention.