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09.29.2014 - Alex Goff
With most of the games in the Mid-American Conference being between the North and South divisions, the games give an indication of relative strength, but don’t count in the standings. Thus Western Michigan’s defeat of Cincinnati Saturday isn’t in the standings, and neither is their loss to Dayton.  Only Miami of Ohio has registered two league victor
09.21.2014 - Alex Goff

It’s all to play for in the Mid-America Conference, as a busy weekend produced few games that actually affected the standings.

All teams have matches with opponents in the other division (the MAC is split between the North and the South), but those games aren’t recorded in the standings. So only Dayton’s 24-8 defeat of Cincinnati counts, and it counts a lot as Dayton is now 2-0.

09.19.2014 - Alex Goff

The Mid-America Conference has officially confirmed that it is part of the ACRC, and the teams in the MAC will be eligible for the ACRC rankings next week.

09.05.2014 - Alex Goff

The Mid-American Conference may be in a flux as to whether they are part of ACRC or not, but they will most definitely grab at a chance for the newly-unveiled USA Rugby fall playoff structure.

09.04.2014 - GRR Staff

Full schedule of the Mid-American college conference.

The conference has been split up into two divisions: