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GRR: Louisiana Rugby

02.26.2021 - Alex Goff

Boys high school rugby is slowly getting into gear, and while March will see a larger number of teams ramp it up, we do have some games to look at this weekend.

02.17.2020 - Alex Goff

Tennessee’s Germantown HS team capped off a three-game tour of Louisiana with three victories.

On Saturday, Germantown defeated Brother Martin 57-10 and the Bayou Hurricanes (ranked #22 among HS Clubs by GRR) 59-19.

On Sunday, Germantown beat Jesuit of New Orleans (ranked #46 by GRR among single-school teams) 50-7.

02.06.2020 - Alex Goff

We've got high school action through the warmer states with Southern California working toward two championships and everyone else still just getting started.

02.02.2020 - Alex Goff

Here are scores in Boys HS rugby over the weekend of Jan 30-Feb 2.

Check back for scores and updates.

01.31.2020 - Alex Goff

High School rugby expands throughout the country as more and more leagues get going, and one league is almost close to wrapping up.

This week, we see some key early clashes in Louisiana, the start of Florida Youth Rugby's league games, and the road to SoCal's single-school playoffs.