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GRR: Lindenwood Women

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05.07.2021 - Alex Goff

Richelle Stephens, who represented the USA in the 2016 Olympics just out of high school, is now a finalist for the MA Sorensen Award as the top women's college rugby player in the USA.

Stephens is a classic flyhalf, a distributor who understands space and uses her running ability, kicking, and passing to exploit it.

05.03.2021 - Alex Goff

There was certainly an inevitability about it all, but inevitability can be its own burden.

04.30.2021 - Alex Goff

The D1 Elite final comes to St. Charles, Mo. and while Lindenwood is a heavy favorite, the Lions would be foolish to take all of that to heart.

04.18.2021 - Alex Goff

Lindenwood produced basically a repeat of their March 27 defeat of BYU in taking down the Cougars in the D1 Elite semis Saturday.

03.30.2021 - Alex Goff

We are set for the D1 Elite women's college playoffs and the extra good news is that there's a new player in the game.

After having been unable to play any games during the comeback from the COVID lockdowns, Penn State University might ... might ... be able to get a game in to start the postseason.