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GRR: HS Rankings

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03.18.2021 - Alex Goff

The new HS Club rankings see a huge change as we expand to 30 teams, anticipate even more coming in the few weeks, and see a few results and tip things over.

03.17.2021 - Alex Goff

We enter a fairly complex time in the School rankings as more leagues are about to get started, but they haven't started yet.

So we do have several teams waiting in the wings to be potential ranked programs, and we also have some other teams that don't look like they will play anytime soon. They are all waiting.

03.09.2021 - Alex Goff

Of course starting a ranking each year is difficult, and starting it after all this shutdown (lack of) activity is even more difficult.

We still don't know for sure which teams will suit up, although we're getting a clearer picture of that every day. 

03.05.2021 - Alex Goff

While there are several high school rugby teams playing a little on the down-low, there are leagues and tours that have been approved by governing bodies, and teams that have secured their own insurance to get the job done.

03.03.2021 - Alex Goff

Our first week of Boys HS Club rankings is somewhat like the School rankings except that there have been more HS Clubs in action so far.

We are still ranking teams much, much more on what we've seen so far combined with how close they are to playing. With several teams looking to play their first games as early as this coming weekend, we feel confident with this Top 20.