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GRR: Eagle Women

10.22.2022 - Alex Goff

Canada has defeated the USA 29-14 in the Women's Rugby World Cup, but both have more rugby to give.

The Eagles put in quite a brave performance and while they were led by their stars, Kate Zackary, Alev Kelter, and Hope Rogers, there were moments for others, too.

10.21.2022 - Alex Goff

Canada has named their squad to face the USA in this weekend's Pool B match.

This is the third game in RWC 2021 (for clarity, the Women's Rugby World Cup played in 2022).

10.20.2022 - GRR Staff

USA Women's 15s Head Coach Rob Cain has made only three changes to the Eagles' starting 15 to face Canada Sunday in New Zealand (Saturday night in the USA).

10.19.2022 - Alex Goff

The USA Women's National Team sets their sights on Canada on Saturday, and while their chances of playing in the Quarterfinals are good, they need to find some improvement.

10.16.2022 - Alex Goff

Now at 1-1 in the Rugby World Cup, the USA women's team is still in with a decent chance at a quarterfinal spot.