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GRR: DI Women College

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11.30.2022 - Alex Goff


Last year’s CRAA Women’s D1 Fall Final saw Navy edge Davenport 20-12, but it’s possible that total of 32 points could be bypassed in the first 40 minutes.

Navy is back and faces a largely unknown and very dangerous Utah State team. Yes Navy has an excellent defense, but they can also score—boy can they score—and USU can score, too.

11.30.2022 - Alex Goff

The Notre Dame College women’s team entered the fall with a number of questions.

The big one was, what would the team look like this year?

With a large number of new recruits as Head Coach Jack Nece worked to build depth, they had some team-building to do.

11.29.2022 - Alex Goff

NCR's Women's D1 playoffs conclude this weekend in Houston with Notre Dame College vs Michigan and ...

11.16.2022 - Alex Goff

Who will win DI women's college rugby is, of course, a loaded question, because it depends what you mean.

Even putting aside the NIRA finals, which we will discuss in a separate article, you could be talking about D1 Elite, NCR D1, or CRAA D1.

This week we will find out who will be in the final of each of those playoffs.

11.11.2022 - Alex Goff

We've seen some bracket changes and what seems to be some teams some teams a bit out of place, but we do have some women's collegiate playoffs going on.

CRAA / ACRA Women D2 Playoff Bracket FInalized