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02.01.2019 - Alex Goff

Arizona State pulled off a huge victory over Utah to signal, perhaps, the beginning of its comeback to prominence in D1A.

At the center of that effort was Kyson Jester. The outside center scored three tries to lead the Sun Devils.

01.27.2019 - Alex Goff

Arizona State is back. The college program opened up its PAC Rugby Conference season with a 32-27 defeat of Utah Saturday, signalling perhaps a return to the level the Sun Devils enjoyed before a program suspension suffered a couple of years ago.

(Photos by J Dalton Photography, used with permission. Click on photos to enlarge)

11.22.2017 - Alex Goff

On Tuesday, Arizona State University Police released the video of a rugby player playing for Arizona State University's B team kicking a University of Arizona player.

07.13.2017 - GRR Staff

Arizona State University Men's Rugby has reached an agreement with ASU and with D1A and the Varsity Cup that will being the team back on the field but will also bring in a new head coach.

02.25.2017 - Alex Goff

The University of Arizona moved to 2-1 in the PAC Rugby Conference and took the Dave Blank Trophy as the Wildcats defeated the Arizona State Sun Devils 35-25 Saturday.

02.24.2017 - Alex Goff

Everyone loves a rivalry, and this week there's a good one on tap as Arizona State and Arizona face off at ASU in PAC Rugby Conference action.

02.22.2017 - GRR Staff

NEW YORK – The Varsity Cup has released the brackets for its 2017 playoff today, Feb. 22.

Fourteen well-regarded college teams will compete in a four-weekend playoffs. Two teams - the top finishers from 2016 that remain in the competition - will get a bye.

02.11.2017 - GRR Staff

BERKELEY – The Cal Golden Bears selected two evenly split teams for its doubleheader Saturday on Witter Rugby Field, where California took control of first place in the PAC Rugby Conference with a 44-16 victory over Arizona State, followed by a 73-7 win over Cal Poly.

02.10.2017 - Alex Goff

The PAC Rugby Conference has a busy weekend ahead of it in its new DIA existence with five games on the docket.

USC has been facing mostly 2nd sides in this season, but we're counting those games as regular conference games nonetheless. The Trojans lost to Arizona State 47-24 last weekend in a game that served to teach a few lessons.

02.05.2017 - GRR Contributor

NEW YORK City (Varsity Cup Release) – The 2017 Penn Mutual Varsity Cup Rugby Championship kicks off once again this April with 14 teams vying in the April postseason to advance to May’s championship final.

02.05.2017 - Alex Goff

Arizona State logged the team’s first victory in PAC Rugby Conference play with a 47-26 defeat of Southern California.

ASU started several younger players, and Head Coach Gary Lane said the game was enormously valuable for that reason alone. But those young players also played well. 

01.21.2017 - Alex Goff

Cal and UCLA both recorded victories in the PAC Rugby Conference Saturday.

Cal prop Kevin Sullivan scored two early tries to stake the Bears to a 12-0 lead over Arizona in Berkeley, Never a team to shy away form a plan that's working, the Bears sent Sullivan over for his third to make it 17-0. Fullback Troy Lockyear made it 22-0 at halftime.