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GRR: Archmere

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06.05.2016 - Alex Goff

Archmere won the Boys HS Open and the Maryland Exiles won the Boys HS Elite 7s at the HSRC in Chester, Pa. Sunday.

Archmere defeated Media 22-5 in the semis, and West Chester downed Downingtown 21-12 to make the championship game.

06.02.2016 - Alex Goff

In last year’s HS 7s at the CRC weekend, competition was split between single-school and club teams, and the single-school winner was a team few followed costly - Archmere Academy.

The Auks won because they play a lot of 7s, and know how to do it. Archmere is in the Boys Open Division this year, and the Auks look in good shape to take this bracket.

05.31.2015 - Alex Goff

On the day one of its more famous alumni passed away, Archmere Academy won the HSRC Boys Single-School 7s at PPL Park in Chester, Pa., defeating Rock Rugby out of Texas 17-5 in the final.

05.30.2015 - Alex Goff

It's sevens experience that has the two surviving single-school boys high schools in the final of the HSRC at PPL Park in Chester, Pa. this weekend.