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Yarusso Steps Down As St. Joe's Head Coach

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Yarusso Steps Down As St. Joe's Head Coach

Dan Yarusso coached St. Joe's for seven years.

St. Joseph's University Head Coach Dan Yarusso is stepping down from the team he has coached since 2013.

Yarusso brought the program to prominence and often had his team punching above its weight. He led the Hawks to a 2018 Fall DIAA final, and eight Keystone and Mid-Atlantic Conference championships. The issue for Yarusso is one that affects many college rugby coaches—he couldn't keep doing it unless he was paid enough for it to be his main source of income.

In an article written by Luke Malanga, Yarusso is quoted as follows: “It just came to the financial side of it. Over the course of the past few years here, I’ve been trying to convince the university that this needs to be a full-time position for the amount of work that’s going into it.”

But ongoing requests to pay the rugby coach were rebuffed.

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Yarusso also has served as the Director of the Mid-Atlantic Conference. It's unclear whether he will remain in that, role although it seems unlikely.