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XV Foundation Event Highlights Eagle 15s Women Funding Need

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XV Foundation Event Highlights Eagle 15s Women Funding Need

The XV Foundation was founded to support the USA Women's 15s team.

The XV Foundation, which has been formed to raise money for the USA Women's 15s National Team, is holding a virtual fundraiser on September 18.

The event will sell tickets to attend virtually, and include a silent auction, as well as a call for donations. 

There will also be two panels, with soccer world champion Julie Foudy, Chicago Bulls NBA champion Scott Burrell, and Rugby World Cup champion MA Sorensen headlining the event.

Also included will be current Eagles Kate Zackary, Jordan Matyas, and KB Broughton. World Rugby Hall of Famer Phaidra Knight will host.

Founded by Eagles Kristine Sommer and Alycia Washington, the XV Foundation was formed to provide a secondary funding source for the USA Women's 15s team. With the USOPC providing funding for the Men's and Women's 7s programs, and the Golden Eagles providing additional funding mostly for the Men's 7s and 15s teams, the women's 15s team needs help.

The goal is for the foundation to help cover player travel, team operating costs, and provide player stipends.

For more about the foundation go to: https://xvfoundation.com/

For more on the September 18 fundraising event, go to: https://e.givesmart.com/events/hM3/