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Woodlands, Blues, Aztecas Clash in Houston

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Woodlands, Blues, Aztecas Clash in Houston

Woodlands vs Aztecas. Richard Clarke photo.

Woodlands Rugby hosted the Kansas City Jr. Blues and the Mexico City Aztecas this weekend, as two teams going to the National Championships sought some challenging warmup competition.

In the end, both Woodlands and KC won their games against the Aztecas, and Woodlands, ranked #4 by GRR, also defeated #23-ranked Kansas City.

Friday, KC Jr. Blues 17 Mexico City Aztecas 3

Paced by tries from Lentrayle Brown, Zack Coetzee, and Osi Nauer, Kansas City used their forward size and Nauer’s ability to keep the pace going to win 17-3.

Kansas City’s defensive performance was also strong.

Saturday, Woodlands 31 Aztecas 17

Played as a curtain-raiser for the Houston vs Austin MLR game, this game saw Woodlands take a 26-12 lead in the first half.

Despite the weather drying up for the second half, the scoring dropped off some with both teams managing just the one try. Federico Garrigos was the Alex Rayton Man of the Match for Woodlands, with the host team emptying their bench early so they could be ready for Kansas City on Sunday.

Sunday, Woodlands 38, KC Jr. Blues 24

This was an exciting and back-and-forth game played on a very and humid day in The Woodlands, Texas.

The game started slowly; KC logged the first points with a penalty goal. But then Woodlands opened up with three first-half tries, all converted, and led 21-3 at halftime.

In the second half, both teams saw key forwards removed from the game after they clashed heads. Neither returned. Woodlands scored again to lead 28-3, and then Kansas City replied with two tries to get within 11 at 28-17. But a penalty and another converted try essentially sealed it for Woodlands.

Mattox King was Woodlands’ Alex Rayton Man of the Match. Flyhalf Alex Clarke kicked brilliantly, converting four tries and adding a penalty. Fullback Cole Scharffenorth added the fifth Woodlands conversion. Scrumhalf Ben Urbanovsky, wings Joseph Golden and Lane O’Brien, and centers Hyrum Myers and player of the game King all scored tries.

The weekend was an important test for the Aztecas as they looked to get difficult competition from some top US HS clubs, but it was also useful for both KC and Woodlands. Playing two games in a weekend in hot, humid weather was just the sort of experience they needed heading into what is likely going to be a hot, humid Nationals in Kansas City.