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Wooching Chooses Rugby over Football

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Wooching Chooses Rugby over Football

University of Washington football player and former Husky rugby player Psalm Wooching has announced that he is choosing rugby football.

Wooching, who was a HS All American rugby player and among a growing group of athletes who found success in rugby as a high-schooler, and in football in college.

Playing both rugby and football at Washington, Wooching devoted his fall to football as the Huskies made the BCS playoffs. He started 13 games as a linebacker  for Washington, and was considered a likely NFL draft pick. This weekend Wooching posted a statement on his Twitter feed that said he has decided he will be "exchanging shoulder pads for short shorts and rugby boots."

He added: "My first love and sport that I've excelled in was Rugby and it is time for me to follow my heart."

Wooching, who is originally from Hawaii, said he wants to play in the Olympics. 

Will he make it? He's an outstanding athlete and loves the game of rugby, at which he excels. He certainly could make it. He is listed at 6-3, 219 on the UW football roster list, and would likely be a little lighter, but still physically imposing, playing 7s rugby.