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Winona State Women Looking For New Head Coach

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Winona State Women Looking For New Head Coach

The Winona State women's rugby program n Minnesota is looking for a new head coach.

The program won the USA Rugby Women's D2 fall championship in 2017 and continues to be one of the strongest teams in the Midwest, if not the country, having finished 2nd in the fall championship four times since 2011. 

Winona State is an established program of 27 years with a winning tradition. The two previous coaches having spent decades building this program, are stepping down, and this is an excellent opportunity for a young coach who wants to lead motivated, intelligent players.

As a club sport at Winona State, the program is unable to pay a coach. This is a volunteer position. But, the program does have a hardworking group of players who staff an executive board to handle logistics, a well-respected faculty advisor who is the liaison with the university, and a winning tradition.

The team is looking for a coach who can be there every practice, and can teach the game to experienced players and inexperienced alike.

The team has moved up to the Midwest D1 league for tougher opposition but will still enter playoffs in D2.

For more questions, or to apply, contact Diana Tapia at dtapialvarad17@winona.edu or Emily Becker at ebecker16@winona.edu