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Where to Watch Rugby in the USA

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Where to Watch Rugby in the USA

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Back in the dark ages of the Internet, which would be 1998 or thereabouts, this writer used to get big traffic on articles that simply told rugby fans where they could watch their favorite sport on TV.

That was in part because the TV landscape was a little confused. Now, today, it's the live streaming and Over-the-Top (OTT) landscape that can be confusing. We decided maybe you needed a refresher. This is for rugby fans in the USA.

Where to watch ...

USA vs Canada. The USA vs Canada Rugby World Cup Qualifiers September 4 and 11 will be shown live on FloRugby at FloRugby.com. (Note that this editor used to work for FloRugby but doesn't anymore.)

USA games in general. Most of the Eagles games will be shown on FloRugby, but as we remember it, NBC has a deal with USA Rugby for one or two games a year, so it's possible we might see a game on an NBC outlet this year also. Remember that the Eagles will play New Zealand on October 23 and Ireland on October 30. 

Eagle Women. Right now we don't have confirmation but there's a good chance these games will be on FloRugby as well. The USA plays England once and Canada twice, all in Glendale, Colo. They will likely play another team, as well.

English Premiership. The Gallagher Premiership returns on September 17, and that's an NBC Sports /  Peacock property. And while the September games aren't listed on Peacock yet, they should be soon.

Six Nations. Yes, that's a ways away, but again that will be on NBC / Peacock.

French Top 14. Well, this is on TV5Monde if you want to pay extra, and you only have yourselves to blame. FloRugby had this product and not enough people watched it so now it's somewhere else.

European Cup. AKA the Heineken Cup; this is on NBC / Peacock.

SANZAR. Ok so since the beginning of time (or at least the last 25 years or so) the entire package of major Southern Hemisphere rugby has been sold as a single entity. So, the Currie Cup in South Africa, the NPC in New Zealand, Super Rugby, and The Rugby Championship are all part of a single package. FloRugby got this package this year, which is something of a coup for the OTT outlet, and so that's where you'll find all of these games.

US College Games — NIRA. The Women's NCAA varsity league NIRA is on ESPN+, and at the moment this appears to be the only rugby ESPN+ is showing. But they do have basically a Game of the Week, although sometimes it's two games. Expect to see some other games from other leagues there as well, as ESPN+ has a deal whereby if your school pays for the production, they'll show it.

US College Games — DIA and DI Elite. Expect FTF to carry some of this content, but you could also see some live on YouTube or a university's own streaming platform.

Domestic US Games. Major League Rugby is on The Rugby Network as well as some other linear TV outlets. TRN also showed the US Club 7s championships and will be expected perhaps to show some other content in the club arena. 

Sevens World Series. Expect to see this on NBC properties, including the Olympic Channel, which is a shade harder to find than, say, NBC Sports Network. But Peacock may well carry these as well. The World Series starts in Vancouver September 18 ... so we should see something soon.