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West Coast Leagues Start Up

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West Coast Leagues Start Up

The western seaboard awakens this weekend, as DI and DII women’s colleges play the first league matches of 2015. California sees the most action, but the activity will spread eastward in the coming week.

Arizona vs. UC San Diego
Arizona State vs. UC Santa Barbara

Both Arizona schools travel to the Golden State to kick off the DI season. Of the four teams in motion this Saturday, UC San Diego has made the best pre-season impression, having advanced to the finals of two recent, competitive tournaments.

At its own Scrum by the Sea in November, the Tritons caught a glimpse of Arizona – tomorrow’s opponent – during the opening round and put away the Wildcats 24-10. The final was a rematch against CSU Northridge, and the DII team eked out a 5-3 victory.

At the Stanford Invitational, UCSD bettered Oregon, UC Davis and Western Washington, and dropped two games to host Stanford, the latter of which was a 26-12 loss in the final.

It’s a toss-up between Arizona State and UC Santa Barbara. The former has been more active in the pre-season and was last seen beating Cal and Humboldt at Scrum by the Sea, an event that local UCSB did not attend. Early in the season, field time will play a big role in the outcomes of games, but this is an eight-week regular season, and standings swaps are common in this conference.

Washington State vs. Washington

The conference has contested the first half of its season, and this pair lined up against each other on Nov. 8. Washington State racked up 63 unanswered points in the win, and we’re expecting something similar Saturday.

The Cougars are currently 2-1, having suffered its first conference loss in two years to newcomer Central Washington, while the Huskies are looking for its first win at 0-4. Washington is new to division one and struggling, scoring only seven points last fall while allowing 238.

Despite Washington State’s prowess, the reigning champ is still initiating a lot of newcomers. Eagle Anne Peterson, flanker Gaby Drllevich and outside center Sammie Pedersen have been instrumental in letting promising rookies like Maddie Holmes and Alex Denzinger express themselves. Watch for all five to make major contributions on Saturday.

Fresno State vs. CSU Monterey Bay
St. Mary’s College vs. SF BATS
Santa Clara vs. UC Santa Cruz

This division is always a tricky one to nail down, as eligibility has been an issue in the past. But one can always count on UC Santa Cruz, the current West Coast champion, Humboldt and UN Reno to be solid title contenders. The latter two teams are off this weekend, but the Banana Slugs should get its first win of the season. In terms of pre-season, UC Santa Cruz warmed up at the Scrum by the Sea, while Santa Clara initiated some rookies at the Stanford 7s National Qualifier.

Fresno State is relatively young and impressed with a win against UCSC last year, but then lost some steam. They’ll ease into the season with a game against conference newcomer CSU Monterey Bay.

The SF BATS is also a traditionally strong team, but it’s composed of University of San Francisco and SF State students, and therefore ineligible for post-season. The combo squad played St. Mary’s in the fall and won 29-0.

UC Riverside vs. UC Irvine

CSU Northridge and Long Beach State have been the top dogs in this conference of late, but both UC Riverside and UC Irvine lead a very strong middle tier of competition. Both competed in the social division of Scrum by the Sea and populated their falls with friendlies. We’re expecting a good, tough league opener, putting the season in the right direction.


10-11Stanford InvitationalPalo Alto, CA
17Washington State@WashingtonPMC North
 Arizona@UC San DiegoPMC South
 Arizona State@UC Santa BarbaraPMC South
 UC Riverside@UC IrvineSoCal
 Fresno State@CSUMBWest Coast
 St. Mary's@SF BATSWest Coast
 Santa Clara@UC Santa CruzWest Coast
24Washington State@OregonPMC North
 UC San Diego@UC Santa BarbaraPMC South
 Arizona State@ArizonaPMC South
 Stanford@UC DavisPMC West
 Cal@Chico StatePMC West
 Tennessee@Georgia TechSIRC
 Florida State@Central FloridaSIRC
 North Georgia@LeeSIRC DII
 Georgia@UT ChattanoogaSIRC DII
 Alabama@Georgia SouthernSIRC DII
 Kennesaw State@Spring HillSIRC DII
 Claremont@CSU NorthridgeSoCal
 CSU Fullerton@Long Beach StateSoCal
 SF BATS@Fresno StateWest Coast
 Santa Clara@HumboldtWest Coast
 CSUMB@St. Mary'sWest Coast
 UC Santa Cruz@UN RenoWest Coast
31App State@UNCCCarolinas
 Col of Charleston@UNCWCarolinas
 South Carolina@UNCGCarolinas
 Idaho@Western OregonCascade
 Western Washington@SeattleCascade
 Miami@FL AtlanticFlorida
 FL Gulf Coast@South FloridaFlorida
 East Carolina@NC StateMason Dixon
 Washington State@Oregon StatePMC North
 Washington@OregonPMC North
 UC Santa Barbara@ArizonaPMC South
 UCLA@UC San DiegoPMC South
 Chico State@StanfordPMC West
 UC Davis@CalPMC West
 Life@Florida StateSIRC
 Georgia Tech@FloridaSIRC
 Clemson@LeeSIRC DII
 North Georgia@GeorgiaSIRC DII
 Emory@AlabamaSIRC DII
 Claremont@CSU FullertonSoCal
 Long Beach State@OccidentalSoCal
 CSU Northridge@UC IrvineSoCal
 UC Riverside@USCSoCal
 Humboldt@CSUMBWest Coast
 St. Mary's@Fresno StateWest Coast
 UC Santa Cruz@SF BATSWest Coast
 Sacramento State@UN RenoWest Coast
1UC Santa Barbara@Arizona StatePMC South
6UC Irvine@USCSoCal
7Elon@App StateCarolinas
 UNCG@Col of CharlestonCarolinas
 UNCW@South CarolinaCarolinas
 FL Gulf Coast@MiamiFlorida
 FL Atlantic@South FloridaFlorida
 Oregon State@Washington StatePMC North
 Central Washington@WashingtonPMC North
 Arizona State@UCLAPMC South
 Stanford@CalPMC West
 UC Davis@Chico StatePMC West
 Florida@Florida StateSIRC
 Claremont@Long Beach StateSoCal
 CSU Fullerton@OccidentalSoCal
 UC Riverside@CSU NorthridgeSoCal
 Fresno State@Sacramento StateWest Coast
 St. Mary's@Santa ClaraWest Coast
 Humboldt@UC Santa CruzWest Coast
 SF BATS@UN RenoWest Coast
8Arizona State@UC San DiegoPMC South
 UCLA@UC Santa BarbaraPMC South
14Col of Charleston@App StateCarolinas
 Eckerd@FL Gulf CoastFlorida
 North Carolina@East CarolinaMason Dixon
 Central Florida@TennesseeSIRC
 Georgia@ClemsonSIRC DII
 UT Chattanooga@North GeorgiaSIRC DII
 Spring Hill@Georgia SouthernSIRC DII
 Emory@Kennsesaw StateSIRC DII
 Humboldt@Fresno StateWest Coast
 UC Santa Cruz@Sacramento StateWest Coast
 Santa Clara@SF BATSWest Coast
 CSUMB@UN RenoWest Coast
15South Carolina@ElonCarolinas
 Central Florida@Georgia TechSIRC
20Occidental@UC IrvineSoCal
21UNCG@App StateCarolinas
 South Carolina@UNCCCarolinas
 Western Washington@IdahoCascade
 Seattle@Western OregonCascade
 North Carolina@NC StateMason Dixon
 Central Washington@OregonPMC North
 Oregon State@WashingtonPMC North
 UC San Diego@Arizona StatePMC South
 UC Davis@StanfordPMC West
 Chico State@CalPMC West
 Life@Central FloridaSIRC
 Lee@GeorgiaSIRC DII
 UT Chattanooga@ClemsonSIRC DII
 Spring Hill@EmorySIRC DII
 Kennesaw State@AlabamaSIRC DII
 UC Riverside@ClaremontSoCal
 Long Beach State@CSU NorthridgeSoCal
 CSU Fullerton@USCSoCal
 SF BATS@Santa ClaraWest Coast
 UN Reno@HumboldtWest Coast
 St. Mary's@Sacramento StateWest Coast
 Fresno State@UC Santa CruzWest Coast
22UC San Diego@ArizonaPMC South
 UC Santa Barbara@UCLAPMC South
28App State@South CarolinaCarolinas
 Elon@Col of CharlestonCarolinas
 Western Oregon@Western WashingtonCascade
 FL International@MiamiFlorida
 FL Atlantic@EckerdFlorida
 Virginia Tech@North CarolinaMason Dixon
 Central Washington@Washington StatePMC North
 Oregon@Oregon StatePMC North
 UC Santa Barbara@UC San DiegoPMC South
 UCLA@ArizonaPMC South
 Cal@StanfordPMC West
 Chico State@UC DavisPMC West
 Georgia Tech@Florida StateSIRC
 Florida@Central FloridaSIRC
 Clemson@North GeorgiaSIRC DII
 Lee@UT ChattanoogaSIRC DII
 Alabama@Spring HillSIRC DII
 Georgia Southern@EmorySIRC DII
 CSU Northridge@CSU FullertonSoCal
 UC Irvine@ClaremontSoCal
 Sacramento State@CSUMBWest Coast
 SF BATS@HumboldtWest Coast
 Fresno State@Santa ClaraWest Coast
 St. Mary's@UN RenoWest Coast
1UCLA@Arizona StatePMC South
6Long Beach State@UC IrvineSoCal
7FL Gulf Coast@FL InternationalFlorida
 Oregon State@Central WashingtonPMC North
 UCLA@UC San DiegoPMC South
 Arizona@UC Santa BarbaraPMC South
 Stanford@Chico StatePMC West
 Cal@UC DavisPMC West
 Georgia Tech@LifeSIRC
 Florida State@TennesseeSIRC
 UC Santa Cruz@CSUMBWest Coast
 SF BATS@Sacramento StateWest Coast
 UN Reno@Santa ClaraWest Coast
 Humboldt@St. Mary'sWest Coast
8Arizona@UCLAPMC South
14South Florida@EckerdFlorida
 FL Atlantic@FL InternationalFlorida
 Arizona@Arizona StatePMC South
 UN Reno@Fresno StateWest Coast
 Sacramento State@Santa ClaraWest Coast
 UC Santa Cruz@St. Mary'sWest Coast
15UC Irvine@CSU FullertonSoCal
21South Carolina@Col of CharlestonCarolinas
 Miami@South FloridaFlorida
 FL Atlantic@FL Gulf CoastFlorida
 FL International@EckerdFlorida
 Occidental@CSU NorthridgeSoCal
 Sacramento State@HumboldtWest Coast
28PMC Championship 
 SIRC DI/II Championships @ Life 
 South Florida@FL InternationalFlorida
 CSU Northridge@USCSoCal
29PMC Championship 
 SIRC DI/II Championships @ Life