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Video - Mata Hingano Talks Falcons Rugby

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Video - Mata Hingano Talks Falcons Rugby

The Falcons players pose with former Eagle Tony Ridnell (at center), Juli Prentice (3rd from left), and Chris Prentice (2nd from right) from Atavus, and Wayne Milner of the WAC (at right).

The USA Falcons women's 7s team is in Seattle training before they play at the Vancouver 7s festival.

The Falcons have been hosted by Atavus and the Washington Athletic Club in Seattle, using the WAC athletic facilities. They also stopped to meet with supporters, and that's where we check in with some of the players. Former Danville Oaks HS star Mata Hingano spoke with Goff Rugby Report on how she wants to impress coaches, her first game of rugby, and much more.

See the video interview below - if the embedded video does not immediately appear, please refresh the page.