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USAY&HS Rebrands; New Logo

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USAY&HS Rebrands; New Logo

The new USAY&HS logo.

USA Youth & High School has announced a new rebranding, featuring a new logo that captures the essence of youth, energy, and fun.

The dynamic elements of the logo aim to resonate with the youth that we are serving while paying tribute to the long standing traditions within the game. The logo places a modern take on the traditional “Rugby Shield” logo while the three rugby balls symbolize “Non contact,” "Youth,” and “High School” rugby that form the core of USAYHS Programming programming. The rugby ball shapes are presented as growing and expanding to create a visual identity that is not only appealing but also reflective of our commitment to fostering growth and excellence.

"We are excited to present this fresh and modern identity for USA Youth & High School," said David Pool, President of USA Youth & High School. The rebranding represents our commitment to staying innovative and engaging with the youth of today. The new logo is not just a symbol; it's a statement about our dedication to creating a positive and dynamic environment for young individuals to thrive."

USA Youth & High School is committed to the development and empowerment of the youth through various rugby programs and initiatives, the rebranding reflects our dedication to staying dynamic and relevant in an ever-evolving landscape.

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