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USA Rugby Says Return-To-Play Guidelines Coming Soon

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USA Rugby Says Return-To-Play Guidelines Coming Soon

Texas A&M vs Texas from 2019. Alex Goff photo.

USA Rugby has published an announcement about a plan to return to play.

The announcement doesn't map out a plan for getting players back on the training field and into games because the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown is a fluid situation.

Currently rugby is banned throughout the United States at least through May 31. Return to rugby activities may happen June 1, but that's not guaranteed.

Per USA Rugby's announcement: "Given the close contact nature of rugby, it is important to note that our sport lives beyond most when it comes to threat of respiratory contagion, whereby our community must remain patient and considerate through this process. USA Rugby is compiling a reference document for clubs and members to utilize and expects to deliver by June 1st as previously projected. While we are all eager to return to rugby, the wellbeing of our friends, family and teammates must remain priority. Follow the link below to visit the dedicated COVID-19 page for USA Rugby where currently released return to play information from World Rugby and the USOPC are available."

 The USOPC has divided sports into tiers based on how much contact there is among participants, with the lesser-contact sports coming back sooner than the high-contact sports. Rugby, no surprise, is listed as one of the highest-contact sports and will return to play later than, say, archery or tennis.