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USA Rugby Move Reduces Costs

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USA Rugby Move Reduces Costs

Infinity Park from high up.

USA Rugby's skeleton staff is now safely ensconced in their new offices in Glendale, Colo., and it's interesting to see what that move has done for the organization.

Estimates are, first of all, that working rent-free offices in Glendale will save USA Rugby about $250,000 in the next 12 months (then they start paying rent). That's an immediate savings not only now that they've moved, but in terms of the organization's expenses going forward as they navigate bankruptcy court.

In addition, the move was all done by the employees. Those who remain working at USA Rugby are on half pay, and yet they all teamed up to rent trucks and load up the offices from Lafayette, Colo., and ship everything down to Glendale (which, if you didn't know, is a 0.58-square-mile city surrounded on all sides by the city of Denver). So it was a cheap move, with the labor provided by the employees.

The offices are separated. Once again addressing this writer's concerns about mixing high performance and the rest of the NGB's activities.

(This video spells out what we were concerned about>>)

With the High Performance offices part of the Infinity Park, the rest of USA Rugby has offices on at One Cherry Center about five blocks north. Separation of Church and State, as it were. The point being, once again, that USA Rugby leaders are making the effort to keep High Performance and regular day-to-day activities separate.

This episode also brings up a subject that hasn't been addressed in these pages at least, which is the USA Rugby employees. We've taken shots at the leadership and the HP leadership, and at USA Rugby's poor stewardship of its money, but the regular employees of the organization don't have much to do with any of that. They are just hardworking people trying to do their jobs, and have hung on at half pay while the NGB figures out its future. It can't have been easy, and having a work home for the foreseeable future has to be a small solace for the people who still work for USA Rugby.