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U. Tennessee Rugby Looking to Hire Head Coach, Bradley to DOR

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U. Tennessee Rugby Looking to Hire Head Coach, Bradley to DOR

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The University of Tennessee Men's Rugby program is making some changes and will be hiring a Head Coach for a long-term position this summer.

Longtime Head Coach Marty Bradley is moving up to a Director of Rugby role, in part because the increased time demands of coaching college rugby at a high level makes it difficult for him to cover all the bases as the number of bases increases.

"I don't think I will be spending any less time on rugby," Bradley told Goff Rugby Report. "But it is probably a good time to bring in a new Head Coach."

Tennessee Rugby has been working with the University to develop a rugby endowment which will, in part, pay a Head Coach. This is a first for the Volunteers' rugby program as previously all of the coaches, including Bradley, have been on a volunteer basis.

The new Head Coach will be paid through the endowment, and will also be assisted in finding an additional job to augment the coach's income. In addition, the UT Rugby Foundation will assist an incoming coach on finding employment for the coach's spouse.

"We're funding this from an endowment so an incoming coach will see that there's stability," said Bradley. "In addition, everything outside of coaching is still taken care of. We have a Program Manager who handles the paperwork, and we have the administrative work and infrastructure already in place. It's a successful program."

Tennessee rugby won the SCRC last year and also won its all-club-program bowl game with Bowling Green in December. Tennessee ended the 2021-22 season ranked #1 among DIAA programs by Goff Rugby Report.

The new Head Coach position will be paid as a part-time contract employee reporting to the Assistant Director of Rec Sports at the University; this change will also likely elevate the status of the program on campus. Bradley added that the plan is to find a coach who is invested in coaching at Tennessee for the long-term.

The Head Coach will be responsible for the recruitment and development of club athletes in a part-time capacity. This will including coaching, running practices, and preparation for games. It will also include recruiting details.

A much more details job description can be found here: https://volunteerrugby.com/head-coach/

To apply directly, go to: https://hr.utk.edu/