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Tracking Men's Eagle Player Origins

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Tracking Men's Eagle Player Origins

David Barpal photo.

Where do the USA Men's National team players come from?

It's a question we ask often when the squad is assembled. I do this analysis many different ways, and this time I am going to go as specific as I can be, but be general in other areas.

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We're looking at whether these players are home grown or not, qualify for the USA by birth or by residency, and whether they were always in the pipeline.

Isn't that what we want to know? We want to know if the Eagles are simply hired guns or have come through the process in some way. Here's what we have:

Player name Where Playing Now? College Team? HS Source Pipeline?
Dylan Audsley MLR Saint Mary's Rugby Arizona HSAA, CAA
Nate Augspurger MLR Minnesota Minnesota Youth Rugby CAA
Marcel Brache Australia College Overseas    
Bryce Campbell England Indiana Rugby Indiana HSAA, CAA
Nick Civetta England Notre Dame   CAA
Shaun Davies MLR BYU   CAA
Ruben de Haas South Africa NA Rugby Arkansas HSAA, MJAA
Cam Dolan England Life Florida Youth Rugby HSAA, MJAA, CAA
Dylan Fawsitt ARP College Overseas    
Eric Fry France Cal Rugby NorCal HSAA, CAA
Hanco Germishuys MLR NA Rugby Nebraska HSAA, MJAA
James Hilterbrand Australia College Overseas    
Will Hooley England College Overseas    
Luke Hume ARP College Overseas    
Olive Kilifi MLR NA Rugby Washington HS All-Stars
Tony Lamborn New Zealand College Overseas    
Titi Lamositele England NA Rugby Washington HSAA, MJAA
Ben Landry England UW-Whitewater Rugby Wisconsin HSAA, MJAA, CAA
Paul Lasike England BYU / Football   CAA
AJ MacGinty England Life    
Will Magie MLR College Overseas   HSAA, MJAA
Samu Manoa Wales Football Rugby NorCal Super League
Alex Maughan College Life Rugby North Carolina HSAA, MJAA, CAA
Tim Maupin MLR Saint Mary's Rugby NorCal HSAA, CAA
Ryan Matyas MLR Arizona Rugby Arizona HSAA, CAA
Gannon Moore New Zealand Football Rugby Nebraska HS All-Stars
Paul Mullen England College Overseas    
Greg Peterson Scotland College Overseas    
John Quill MLR College Overseas    
Blaine Scully Wales Cal   CAA
Joe Taufete'e England NA SoCal Youth Rugby HS All-Stars
David Tameilau Scotland Life West Rugby NorCal HSAA, MJAA
Dino Waldren England Saint Mary's Rugby NorCal HSAA, CAA
Chance Wenglewski College Lindenwood Rugby Oklahoma HSAA, CAA
Psalm Wooching MLR Washington / Football Rugby Hawaii HSAA


So what that tells us is that the USA team is still a mix of players from all backgrounds. We've got kids who played well in high school, and didn't go to college and often went straight into professional rugby (five of those). We've got athletes who excelled in rugby in high school and then played football in college (three of those, plus Paul Lasike, who was a rugby player recruited to play football at BYU).

We've got players who grew up with the game overseas: 10 of them.

And we've got players where we can say the pipeline worked. The players were in age-grade or college All Americans, or at least played in high school select side before making a move (to football, to professional or semi-professional rugby). All of those count. We're going to count Samu Manoa as he was picked up after playing football in college to return to rugby as part of the SFGG Super League team. That was a league that was part of the pipeline at the time. We've got 25 in that list.