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Touring: It Brought Us All Together

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Touring: It Brought Us All Together

At Goff Rugby Report we've been posting stories of how teams benefit from tours; this is part of our support and partnership with Irish Rugby Tours—this time around, we've got a video to show you.

Players from the Danville Oaks, who finished the HS Club bracket of the Boys HS Rugby National Championships in 5th place, said going on tour was a huge part of what helped build their team. And they used Irish Rugby Tours, but didn't go to Ireland.

Little-known fact, Irish Rugby Tours can help your team tour wherever, including where the Oaks went this spring, New Zealand.

See the video or check out the link here: https://youtu.be/HreyngYq8O0


"That was a big part of coming together as a team," said Nick Leusing. "And learning about different cultures and how rugby is played there, we gained a lot from it."

"To do [a tour] in the middle of the season it really brings the team together," added Cal Liebowitz. "It really helps for nationals."

There was a combination of fun stuff and cultural stuff and rugby stuff (OK, all of it was fun), but the coaching staff said that playing outside their area, their country, was key for the team to get better.

"It brought us all together," concluded Leusing.

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