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The Top Freshmen In D1A

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The Top Freshmen In D1A

Miles McCormick after scoring for Saint Mary's. Photo: Saint Mary's Rugby.

One of the notable comments from Jack Clark's podcast interview with Goff Rugby Report Editor Alex Goff was his statement that high school rugby has gotten significantly better over the last several years.

That has translated into some impressive showings by freshmen in college rugby

Goff Rugby Report has accumulated a list of 68 80 freshmen who have played especially well in DIA rugby. There are some well-regarded freshmen we did not inclulde here because they missed significant time due to injury, or didn't have a large amount of playing time on their 1st side. Those players might well emerge as influential players in the coming years.

Notable in this list are players who grabbed starting jobs and didn't let go. They included Miles McCormick at Saint Mary's, Max Schumacher at Cal, and Will Chevalier at Indiana.

In a very competitive field, we have selected McCormick as our Freshman of the Year. To take over as a No. 8 for a national championship contender is a pretty tough job, because it's not just about skills; it's about being able to handle the physicality.

"I have loved it at Saint Mary’s," McCormick told Goff Rugby Report. "I is such a great opportunity to be around such high rugby IQs, guys like Ronan Murphy and Eddie King. Tim O'Brien is an unreal coach. I am learning so much."

As for handing the physical nature of the game, McCormick has adjusted nicely.

"The key for me is always go out and physically dominate," he said. "My big thing is, I won’t be out-physicaled. It's my favorite part of the game. I grew up working on the power step and I try to work on it every day."

McCormick leads our Freshman 15 (pun intended). This was a difficult squad to pick. Several others—Jason Scheepers at Arkansas State, Inoke Waqavesi at Saint Mary's, Dalton Musselman at Penn State, Michael Puckett at Cal, Nicholas Hudson at Northeaster, and David Ige at Arkansas State, to name a few—could have earned a spot.

Here's our top 15:

Goff Rugby Report D1A All-Freshman 1st Team 2019-2020
1 John O'Toole Penn State
2 Larry Williams Army
3 Aiden Latter Central Washington
4 James Rivers Arizona
5 Russell Lemaster Indiana
6 Elijah Billips Life
7 Gus Dellinger Kutztown
8 Miles McCormick Saint Mary's
9 TJ van Rensburg Arkansas State
10 Jackson Marchant Cal Poly
11 Vince Carso Ohio State
12 Will  Chevalier Indiana
13 Lucas LaCamp UCLA
14 Erich Storti Saint Mary's
15 Max Schumacher Cal

And here's our larger list of GRR Top Freshman of D1A: 

Update: We stupidly missed the Rocky Mountain Conference. Why we did this we don't really know, but below is the updated list with top freshmen from the Rocky Mountain Conference.

Rocky Mountain Conference Names Top Freshmen

Goff Rugby Report D1A All-Freshman List 2019-2020
Jake Grana Prop Kutztown
Aiden Latter Prop Central Washington
Nick Leusing Prop Cal
Michael Puckett Prop Cal
Quinton Tindel Prop Cal Poly
Raymond Weiner Prop Arizona
David Ige Prop Arkansas State
John O'Toole Prop Penn State
Ethan Waite Prop Colorado State
Trice Scroggins Prop Colorado State
Andrew Wollenburg Prop Wyoming
David Afa'ese Hooker Davenport
Ryan Bullock Hooker Navy
Marco Caramanico Hooker Cal
Moses Mercado Hooker Grand Canyon
Tayden Tuaua Hooker Grand Canyon
Larry Williams Hooker Army
Landono McLune Hooker Utah Valley
James Rivers Lock Arizona
Mason Kreiter Lock Colorado State
Brady Berryhill Flanker UCSB
Elijah Billips Flanker Life
Joshua Burich Flanker Texas
Coleman Jackson Flanker Northeastern
Patrick Murtah Flanker Indiana
Evan Roode Flanker Arkansas State
Sam Sagherian Flanker Northeastern
Chris Tanner Flanker Kutztown
Tyler Tomlinson Flanker St. Bonaventure
Gus Dellinger No. 8 Kutztown
Tom Evans No. 8 UCSB
Russell Lemaster No. 8 Indiana
Miles McCormick No. 8 Saint Mary's
Ken Sale No. 8 Davenport
Angus Skinner No. 8 Colorado
Bennett Coffou Scrumhalf Minnesota
Logan Hill Scrumhalf Grand Canyon
Giancarlo Nastasi Scrumhalf Penn State
TJ van Rensburg Scrumhalf Arkansas State
Joshua Lisi Scrumhalf New Mexico
Karl Keane Flyhalf Saint Mary's
Jackson Marchant Flyhalf Cal Poly
Dalton Musselman Flyhalf Penn State
Tabonga Ngonyamo Flyhalf Life
PJ O'Reilly Flyhalf Kutztown
Aidan Ridgeway Flyhalf Arkansas State
Nate Salter Flyhalf Cal
Manuel Zapata Sanchez Flyhalf Texas A&M
Logan Bachman Center Kutztown
Will Chevalier Center Indiana
Matthew Conforti Center Buffalo
Viliami Hopoi Center Iona
Jonathan Kutzli Center Davenport
Lucas Lacamp Center UCLA
Cal Liebowitz Center Cal
Calvin Liulamaga Center Central Washington
Josiah Mupeso Center Davenport
Will Nogrady Center Cal Poly
Daniel Raath Center Arkansas State
Erich Storti Center Saint Mary's
Noah Uluave Center BYU
Jack Nelson Center Wyoming
Braden Ramsey Center Colorado State
Charlie Quinn Center Colorado
Mike Amberg Wing Army
Vince Carso Wing Ohio State
Max Clark Wing Cal
Karch Hoffman Wing Life
Fergus O'Hoisin Wing Boston College
Morgan Purcell Wing Lindenwood
Jason Scheepers Wing Arkansas State
Inoke Waqavesi Wing Saint Mary's
Jack Rocchio Wing Colorado
Alex Brundage Fullback Cal
Alexander Domine Fullback Cal Poly
Nicholas Hudson Fullback Northeastern
Fadzai Mushonga Fullback Notre Dame College
Max Schumacher Fullback Cal
Dylan Thompson Fullback Lindenwood
Keelan Watkins Fullback Arkansas State