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Top DIA-Level Backs of the Fall

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Top DIA-Level Backs of the Fall

Penn State sophomore sensation Mike Dabulas is on the list. Alex Area photo.

Goff Rugby Report has released its list of top DIA-level backs from fall play.

This list includes teams that play in the DIA conferences, but also includes teams that play in the Varsity Cup. This latter group includes Navy and University of Notre Dame, which play independent schedules, and also Dartmouth, which plays in the Ivy League. While we ranked the rest of the Ivy League aong the top DIAA players, Dartmouth, we felt, basically operates at a different level, and so we list their top players here.

The list was compiled using all-conference lists when available, along with coach recommendations and our own observations.

Teams that did not play significant time in the fall, such as Life and Lindenwood, or teams that played mostly or exclusively 7s (much of the West Coast) are not included.


Goff Rugby Report Top DIA Backs of Fall 2016
Player School Position
Evan Clark Colorado Scrumhalf
Jake Estes Kutztown Scrumhalf
Dylan Brown Air Force Scrumhalf
Emmanuel Soto Oklahoma Scrumhalf
Ollie Engelhart Dartmouth Scrumhalf
Jimmy Ronan Penn State Scrumhalf
Tom Abram Delaware Scrumhalf
Gardy Lebon Navy Scrumhalf
Brock Roper Arkansas State Scrumhalf
Connor Rezzonico Wyoming Flyhalf
Mike Dabulas Penn State Flyhalf
Christian Artuso St. Bonaventure Flyhalf
Lawrence D'Agostino Air Force Flyhalf
Joel Conzelmann Colorado State Flyhalf
Teddy Terezis Indiana Flyhalf
Alex Rees Arkansas Flyhalf
John Crilly LSU Flyhalf
Noah Zomberg Davenport Flyhalf
Dawit Workie Dartmouth Flyhalf
Allan Hanson WJU Flyhalf
Christian Artuso St. Bonaventure Flyhalf
Jon Kim Army Flyhalf
Mike Dabulas Penn State Flyhalf
Jackson Clark Kutztown Flyhalf
Dylan Boast Arkansas State Flyhalf
Bryce Campbell Indiana Center
C.J. Burnes WVU Center
Clifford Kindred New Mexico Center
Conner Peterson Utah State Center
Jaret Williamson St. Bonaventure Center
Jeff Clark Utah State Center
Jeff Scott Baylor Center
John Sage Kutztown Center
Keifer Kei-Boguinard Penn State Center
Liam Wynne Colorado State Center
Luke Bienstock Dartmouth Center
Matt Ramirez Delaware Center
Michael Scarcella Iona Center
Mitch Cochell Air Force Center
Santi Mascolo Iona Center
Selby Niumataiwalu Penn State Center
Stewart Morris Baylor Center
Sule Abubakar Texas Tech Center
Tyler Sousley Indiana Center
Jon Lucas Oklahoma Center
Ross Navarro Texas A&M Center
Braden Smith Air Force Wing
Dominic Rufran Wyoming Wing
Kima Malafu Kutztown Wing
Ben Hirschmann Colorado Wing
Dane Fleck Wisconsin Wing
Charles Mitchell LSU Wing
Julien Johnson Dartmouth Wing
Andy Sullivan Army Wing
Dmontae Noble Kutztown Wing
Frank Nugent Buffalo Wing
Jeff Malm-Annan Army Wing
Kina Malafu Kutztown Wing
Luke Heun Army Wing
Mike Eife Penn State Wing
John Powers Iona Wing
James Graham Texas A&M Wing
Casey Rothstein Air Force Fullback
Jake Lachina Army Fullback
Luke Ellis West Virginia Fullback
Kipp Nilson Colorado Fullback
Daniel Pettay Wisconsin Fullback
Max Parker Dartmouth Fullback
Aaron Gray Kutztown Fullback